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  1. bloopers
    Delaware Senator During Postal Service Hearing: ‘F*ck, F*ck, F*ck’A relatable tech-hiccup moment.
  2. snl
    SNL’s Season 44 Bloopers Include a Horrified Aidy BryantPlus Pete Davidson, Kenan Thompson, and Emma Stone saying “Lube!”
  3. bloopers
    Trump’s Greatest Worst Hits of 2017The number of gaffes and falsehoods issuing from the president last year was so high that you may have forgotten some of the less notorious ones.
  4. 10 Extras Who Couldn’t Do Their Jobs Properly▶️ What’s up with that clumsy Stormtrooper?
  5. what could have been
    The Passengers Bloopers Look Way Better Than the Actual MovieLaurence Fishburne says “Uranus.”
  6. WATCH: The Best Bloopers You Might Have Missed From FriendsThe on-camera chemistry made for off-camera comedy.
  7. trailer mix
    Here’s a Suicide Squad Blooper Reel, If You LikeViola Davis is fond of the s-word.
  8. roll clip!
    Watch a Cute Blooper Reel From Game of ThronesBloop a loop a loop.
  9. six seasons and a movie
    Watch the Community Season 6 Gag Reel#sixseasonsandamovie.
  10. oopsies
    Watch the Bloopers for Season 3 of OITNBMore like … Bloopers Are the New Black
  11. roll clip!
    Ultron Gag Reel: Superheroes Kiss and Dance Too!Fun, fun, fun.
  12. bloopers
    No One Can Keep It Together in These Mindy Project Season 3 BloopersYou’d laugh, too.
  13. Watch the Delightful Season 7 ‘Parks and Recreation’ Gag ReelThe final Parks and Recreation gag reel ever hit the internet today, so even though the show’s been off the air since February, this latest […]
  14. bloopers
    Parks and Recreation’s Season 7 Gag Reel Is a Gassy, Touching JoyLearn more than you ever imagined about Chris Pratt’s butt.
  15. bloopers
    There’s Something Slightly Wrong With This Downton Abbey Promo PhotoIt’s like historical Magic Eye.
  16. The Season 5 ‘Community’ Blooper Reel Has Sexy Cats, Sexy Lions, and […]The wait until the sixth season of Community will last until at least after Christmas, but in the meantime you can check out this six-minute […]
  17. bloopers
    Watch Bloopers From Inside Amy Schumer’s Perfect Aaron Sorkin ParodyJosh Charles curses a lot.
  18. bloopers
    Watch Bloopers From This Season of Scandal Felicity references are made.
  19. bloopers
    Fox News Host Congratulates ‘NAACP’ National ChampsNaturally, basketball + Fox News = a discussion of race.
  20. bloopers
    Watch the Blooper Reel for The LEGO MovieEveryone and every set falls down.
  21. Here’s the Gag Reel for ‘The World’s End’Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright’s latest movie, The World’s End, came out on home video this week, and
  22. Conan Tried to Play a Blooper Reel But Had Technical Difficulties “We’re showing a blooper reel and we fucked it up. How about that?” Conan O’Brien said on last night’s show in the above clip, in which he […]
  23. star wars
    Watch Some Never-Before-Seen Star Wars BloopersThose explosions look pretty dangerous.
  24. gag reels
    Watch the Entire Season 5 Parks and Recreation Gag ReelIt’s over twenty minutes long!
  25. bloopers
    Watch Gossip Girl Season-Six BloopersSo many goofy faces.
  26. bloopers
    Watch a Blooper Reel for Men in Black 3And a whole lot of laughs.
  27. Here are 17 Minutes of ‘Parks and Rec’ Bloopers to Improve Your Next 17 […] Here’s the blooper reel from season 4 of Parks and Rec, presumably taken from the DVD set of that season. It is long and full of the sorts of […]
  28. the avengers
    Watch an Avengers Gag ReelEven Jeremy Renner — Jeremy Renner! — cuts loose. Really!
  29. Community Season 3 Bloopers Offer Laughs and a Plethora of Fart, Doodoo, […] Pretty great, right? Pretty long, right? Well, there are THREE MORE PARTS. (Two of which are below and one, which features the most blogjob […]
  30. the watch
    Watch a Red Band Outtake Trailer for The WatchVince Vaughn: Master Improviser!
  31. the muppets
    Watch the Blooper Reel From The MuppetsDream Life: Jason Segel’s.
  32. oops
    Sue Simmons Didn’t Realize Her Microphone Was On (Again)This time she was talking about her breast.
  33. parks and recreation
    Watch a Parks and Recreation Gag ReelAll your friends are funny IRL, too!
  34. the muppets
    Watch a Sneak Peek of The Muppets Blooper ReelWho’s worse at keeping a straight face: Jason Segel or Fozzie Bear?
  35. anchorman
    Watch a Weatherman Fall Prey to an Anchorman Prank“I love lamp” in real life!
  36. local news
    Check Out Your Requisite Daily Local News BlooperSomewhere in Detroit, things just got weird.
  37. clickables
    Watch a Local News Report Totally Break Down Over a Tarantula“Dude, that thing shoots hair at you. It’s got fangs.”
  38. clickables
    Enjoy a ‘Never Before Seen’ Lion King Blooper ReelMufasa’s nasal range is really quite extraordinary.
  39. clickables
    Watch a Blooper Reel From Gossip Girl Season FourPenn Badgley does a leprechaun accent.
  40. clickables
    Enjoy a Blooper Reel From Community Season TwoEven their mistakes are smart.
  41. clickables
    Meet Neil, Your New Favorite Teen Jeopardy! Contestant of All-TimeNotes the uploader: “He finished strong though.”
  42. clickables
    Watch a Charming Blooper Reel From British Sitcom The IT CrowdIt’s that British comedy with the cop from ‘Bridesmaids.’
  43. clickables
    Watch a Cute Glee Blooper Reel, With Bonus Chord Overstreet ImpressionsHis Dubya isn’t too bad.
  44. clickables
    Enjoy an Excellent, Planet-Related Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? BlooperMeredith Vieira gives you permission to laugh.
  45. clickables
    Watch a Cute Blooper Reel From Season Two of Parks and RecreationSo many smiles from Aubrey Plaza!
  46. clickables
    Watch a Weather Channel Anchor Suggest You Grab Something Non-Weather RelatedOops!
  47. clickables
    Watch an SNL ‘Weekend Update’ Blooper Reel, With Stefon Losing ItHuman Fire Hydrants!
  48. tv
    Watch a Cute Blooper Reel From Lost’s Final SeasonIf only the show had actually ended with a Locke-Sayid slow dance.
  49. tv
    Watch a Cute Gag Reel From Gossip Girl Season ThreeEnjoy!
  50. tv
    Fox News Caller Picks Unusual Time to Start Beef With Jamie FoxxClassy.
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