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Blue Man Group

  1. oral history
    How Blue Man Group Blew UpAn oral history of the wildly successful show, starring strange bald men painted in Yves Klein blue.
  2. theater without a theater
    What Do the Blue Men Do When They’re Not in a Group?“We got used to never touching our faces when we have our makeup on.”
  3. hot shot
    Leonardo DiCaprio Is the Latest Celeb to Audition for the Blue Man GroupHe’s the latest celeb to wear all blue this summer.
  4. hot shot
    Is Gigi Hadid Auditioning for the Blue Man Group?She was spotted in New York wearing a lot of blue.
  5. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Has Turned Into Jigsaw From SawThis is madness.
  6. blue man group
    Blue Man Group Went Sky Diving Because of James Bond, We Guess?Group. Blue Man Group.
  7. bad education
    Shocked Parents Find the Blue Man Group’s Educational Philosophy ‘Unstructured’You don’t say?
  8. opening night
    Why Weren’t the Rangers Introduced Individually on Opening Night?We’ve got a theory.
  9. the industry
    Melissa Leo to Control Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg’s BedtimesPlus: Blur scheduling U.S. tour dates?
  10. gimmicks
    Blue Man Group to Splash Paint on You in 3-DExpect ‘things coming at you, splashing of paint, explosions of color.’
  11. office-party patrol
    Dancing With D.E. Shaw and Drinking With BarneysDid anybody watch Matt and Meredith play Guitar Hero on the Today show? Did it make you want to kill yourself? If so, you now know exactly how you will feel if you try to make it through your office holiday party without getting shitcanned. As your co-workers get increasingly merry and begin acting decreasingly pubescent, you have a choice: either get in there and do the Cabbage Patch or run home to your new Battlestar Galactica DVD set. Fortunately, you’re only required to go to one company party. We, on the other hand, have been crashing as many as possible. Last night’s events included the Details shindig at Bowery Bar, the Domino party in some editor’s apartment, and the fabulous annual Marc Jacobs costume extravaganza. We didn’t go to any of those, but we did sneak into the Barneys New York hoedown at Bar Martignetti and the sumptuous D.E. Shaw extravaganza at Cipriani. After the jump, who parties better: finance geeks or fashionistas?
  12. the take
    Send Your Child to the Blue Man SchoolSorry, Tobias Fünke, you’re too old.
  13. the industry
    Conor McPherson Returns to Broadway