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  1. boats
    Beyoncé and Jay-Z Set Sail With Jack DorseyAnd his very long beard.
  2. gaslighter
    Everything We Know About Natalie Maines’s Boat and Those Scandalous TightsOnly Maines herself may know exactly what her ex did on her boat (and with whom???), but here’s what we’ve found out.
  3. coronavirus
    I Wish I Was Having As Much Fun As This Ferry DriverA London ferry did donuts in support of health-care workers.
  4. deep dives
    They Were the First All-Women Crew to Conquer the Ocean. Then They Came Home.A new documentary tells the grueling story of a female yacht crew that exploded barriers at sea. Here’s what happened when they stepped back on land.
  5. ahoy
    Here’s Donald Trump Stopping Midway Through a Speech to Wave at a Boat“Hello, Captain.”
  6. I Am the Official Boatman of the Hudson River, by Luke Strickler One of the things they don’t tell you about being a boatman is how to handle the power. No one comes up to you and explains how you are now […]
  7. tech and design 2016
    Inside a Houseboat Off Dubai Where You Can Really Sleep With the FishesBelow deck is an underwater level containing the master bedroom and a full bathroom, both of which have floor-to-ceiling windows.
  8. Noah’s Ark FAQs, by Matt Stofsky Good Morning Everyone, As you’ve no doubt heard, a Great Flood is coming to cleanse the world of sin. We wanted to address some big […]
  9. Don’t Ask Me About Being Lost at Sea, by Kathryn Doyle Yeah, I survived adrift on the ocean for six months, and no, I don’t want to talk about it. It’s really not a big deal, you guys. It was […]
  10. Have Some Fun on a Boat with Hannibal BuressHannibal Buress might have retired as a restaurant reviewer, but he’s back with a brand new Comedy Camisado tour video, this time on a boat […]
  11. accidents
    Drunk, Potentially Amorous Boaters Inadvertently Cause Airport Security ScareThey may have been having a threesome when they crashed into a pier at La Guardia. 
  12. disasters
    South Korean Ferry Survivors Say Evacuation Orders Came Too Late285 people remain missing.
  13. victories
    Kate Middleton Beats Prince William in Boat RaceIs she now the ruler of all the land? 
  14. i’m on a boat
    My 15 Minutes on the S.S. Wang The scale of Gilligan’s Island, the panache of Titanic, the length of a power nap.
  15. People Still Spending a Ton of Money on Stuff From the TitanicSomeone just spent $1.78 million on a waterlogged violin. 
  16. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Smashes Champagne Bottle, Wears ‘Dalmatian’ PrintMaking the most of her third trimester.
  17. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Sarah Paulson Talks Boats“I was very intoxicated.”
  18. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Sarah Paulson Talks Boats“I was very intoxicated.”
  19. Louis C.K. Boats Exactly Like You’d Imagine Louie WouldLouis C.K. thought it would be a nice idea to take his kids on a Labor Day boat ride on the Harlem River and then this happened [via […]
  20. scary things
    Yacht Explosion in New Jersey Was Apparently a Hoax [Updated]The boat, called Blind Date, was supposedly carrying 21 people.
  21. boats
    No One Wants to Ride the East River Ferry in the WinterCan’t say we’re shocked.
  22. boats
    R. Kelly Is Hosting His Own Cruise!October 1 through 5, be there.
  23. tiger woods
    Tiger Woods Gives Up on PrivacyHe’s selling his megayacht.
  24. drama on the high seas
    Indian Navy Captures 61 Somali PiratesAnd their “mother ship”!
  25. boats
    Trump Business Partner Busted for Running Prostitution Ring on Historic YachtThis was sort of inevitable.
  26. Back of the House
    Everybody Look at Steve Johnson ‘Cause He’s Sailing on a BoatThe Rendezvous chef owns a houseboat.
  27. Openings
    Cruising, Boozing, and DiningDine on the Delaware River
  28. boats
    Boat to Go Near Pavement ConcertIf you’d like to catch Pavement’s upcoming show at the Williamsburg Waterfront but hate dry land, you’re in luck.
  29. boats
    The Baseball Water Taxis Have Returned! (Kind Of)The water taxi returns.
  30. man on the street
    Man on the Street: Tim Murphy Boards Le Jeanne d’ArcOur man boards a ship full of young French sailors.
  31. the greatest depression
    Poor Bankers Forced to Time-share YachtsBankers with big-boat tastes but dinghy budgets have devised a solution to their conundrum.
  32. pirates
    American Ship Captain Valiantly Surviving in Somali Pirate CustodyAlso, enemy and ally ships are zooming in on the area.
  33. the downturnaround
    The Downturnaround Keeps Its Head When Everyone Around It Is Losing TheirsYes, the car companies are disintegrating, people are sinking their own boats, and major architectural landmarks are going for half price. But Hugo Lindgren spots a few glimmers of hope.
  34. photo op
    Welcome Home, Intrepid!The beloved floating museum returned to Manhattan today, and some photographer snuck into an important person’s office to take a picture of it.
  35. in other news
    Martha Stewart Takes Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins for a Boat RideA chance encounter in rural Maine proves what we’ve always suspected: that all celebrities are secretly required to be friends.
  36. it just happened
    Amateur Submarining in East River? NYPD, Coast Guard Say No It is, as we’ve already made clear, a day to be by the water — or, even better, in it. But might we suggest you not attempt to go in the water by building a homemade submarine and launching you Cousteauian adventure in the East River near the Queen Mary 2, which is docked off Red Hook? “Several men are being questioned by police after being stopped apparently attempting to set sail off Brooklyn in a makeshift submarine-type vessel,” reports WABC-TV. WCBS-TV says three people were escorted from the area by police, the captain was issued a Coast Guard violation, and — here’s the best part — “the vessel bears a striking resemblance to the ‘Bushnell Turtle,’ the first American submarine, invented around 1775 in Connecticut by David Bushnell.” So remember, kids: No revolutionary-era subs near the big cruise ships. Okay? Makeshift Submarine Found in East River [WABC] Odd Replica Sub Intercepted Near Queen Mary II [WCBS] Adventures With an Egg [Flickr via Gothamist]
  37. photo op
    Oil and Water One advantage of that flooding that’s bound to overtake New York? Deeper waters will presumably make it all the more difficult for oil tankers to run aground off Coney Island, as this one, the White Sea, did this morning. (Reportedly no oil was spilled.) See, a benefit to global warming: It’ll make it easier to import oil. Perfect! Oil Tanker Runs Aground Off Coney Island [AP via Crain’s]
  38. the morning line
    New Jersey and You: Skinnier Together • Channel 7 is back on the air after a Sunday-night fire at its Upper West Side headquarters forced the staff to flee the studio. No victims, but the Live With Regis and Kelly set is kaput. [NYDN] • It doesn’t take extraordinary political perception to guess that Governor Spitzer and the Senate majority leader Joe Bruno hate each other; leave it to the Times, however, to treat it as an odd-couple comedy setup: “Mr. Spitzer’s eyes pierce. Mr. Bruno’s wink.” [NYT] • The Circle Line, which runs ferries to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, has unveiled a noiseless electric vessel complete with a “solar sail.” It will be operational in a year and a half, provided the whole green vogue doesn’t blow over. [AP via WCAX] • New Jersey is launching an Office of Nutrition and Fitness, the nation’s first; the Garden State leads the nation in obese children under 5 (a stunning 17.7 percent). [NYP] • And who’s paying for the slimming of N.J. kids? Well, maybe you: Governor Corzine is considering a tax hike that will put the end to the state’s famously low gas prices and institute more toll roads. [amNY]
  39. photo op
    The Fleet Is In The USS Wasp passing the Statue of Liberty earlier today. We’ll spare you the obvious joke about our being down by the piers if you need us.
  40. in other news
    It’s Fleet Week One problem with announcing Fleet Week is that it’s nearly impossible to say “Welcome, sailors” without sounding at least a bit like Mae West. So far today, only a New York Sun editorial made it work, by going off on a ridiculous tangent about Iraq and how, despite “a variety of views about the war,” we’re not going to call the guests babykillers. (Um, yes. Agreed.) Well, the boysships are coming in right about now. Starting tomorrow, there’ll be the usual assortment of slightly quaint official events (a Navy band at the Times Square recruitment station! Camouflage face-painting in Riverside Park!) and the less official, though no less sanctified, nighttime revelry. Mostly, though, we were intrigued by the bizarre names of the ships set to arrive here, which just reminded us how little we know of the naval life. On parade today will be the USS Wasp, the USS Winston Churchill (we hope the Royal Navy has an HMS Dwight Eisenhower), and the USS Hue City. We hope that last one gets along with the USS Wasp. Navy Week Events Schedule [PDF] Welcome, Sailors [NYS]
  41. photo op
    Youth, Weather Wasted on the Young Could there be a better day to take your boat for a walk? Students at Eugene Lang College the New School for Liberal Arts spent all semester building a boat they christened this morning. They built the Quixotic near Union Square and then pushed it west to Pier 40 (shown here on West 11 Street crossing Sixth Avenue). Ain’t the liberal arts grand?