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Body Art

  1. the skin we're in
    A Swedish Tattoo Artist on Her Skin-Care RoutineMiryam Lumpini on sheet masks, freckles, and exfoliating with sugar.
  2. Zayn Malik Got a New Tattoo, and It’s Actually Not BadIt’s by the artist who tattooed Justin Bieber’s face.
  3. Watch Marc Jacobs Give a Rundown of His TattoosFrom his two bull terriers, Alfred and Daisy, to “bros before hos.”
  4. male gaze
    Male Gaze: David Beckham Lifted His Shirt to Show InkNo pain, no glory.
  5. side jobs
    Raf Simons Is Designing Film Costumes (Again)This time, for Sigourney Weaver in Body Art.
  6. Motorcycle or Naked Person?[Insert key-in-ignition joke here.]
  7. body art
    NY Law Requires Consent for Minors Body PiercingThat’s anything but an ear piercing.
  8. cries for attention
    Stephenie Meyer’s Ham-Fisted Prose Inspires Countless Twilight TattoosActually, come to think of it, this could be a fresh new revenue stream for Borders.