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  1. booo!
    Our Pool Winner Is Calling From INSIDE THE HOUSEThe winner of The Sports Section’s NCAA pool is a ‘New York’ Magazine employee.
  2. booo!
    Prepare Your 96-Team Brackets, EverybodyR.I.P., 65-team tournament.
  3. booo!
    Once Again, No Knicks Make the All-Star TeamDavid Lee misses the all-star team.
  4. booo!
    This Is a Lousy Week Not to Have the NFL NetworkThe undefeated teams play on national TV this week, but you won’t be able to watch either.
  5. Germans Don’t Much Like Pete Doherty’s Nazi AnthemThat’s why they booed him off the stage.
  6. The Met’s Tosca Booed on Opening Night“The production made no sense!”
  7. New York Doesn’t Have Any Good Small TownsThat’s what ‘Money’ magazine says, at least.