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Boring Stuff

  1. the snooze in 8 headlines
    Is It Boring to Wonder Just How Boring the Democratic Debate Will Be?Will it be the least fun thing to ever happen in Las Vegas?
  2. Rand Paul Currently Trapped in His Own Truman Show in IowaIt is not clear if the presidential candidate knows he has been stuck in the primary state for months and is being watched all the time.
  3. she's just being miley
    Miley Cyrus Says Your Clothes Are BoringDull as dishwater, the bunch of you.
  4. math
    Were These the Most Boring Oscars Ever?A Vulture investigation!
  5. boring stuff
    Lawmakers Aren’t So Crazy About the Proposed Merger of Ticketmaster and Live NationBasically, Vulture is in favor of anything that would lower service fees at concerts.