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Boris Johnson

  1. continental drift
    Brexit: Britain’s Middle Finger to the WorldIn the U.K., emotion triumphed over reason, and Britons hurt not only themselves but everyone else. 
  2. brexit
    Boris Johnson Could Be Next U.K. Prime MinisterLondon’s former mayor has a colorful past.
  3. Obama to UK: Don’t Brexit. UK to Obama: Piss OffLondon mayor Boris Johnson suggested that the “part-Kenyan” president’s position might be motivated by an “ancestral dislike of the British empire.”
  4. arbitrary lists
    Prince George Is Already More Powerful Than His ParentsAccording to the London Evening Standard.
  5. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Unimpressed by Prince Charles’s House“Won’t stay there again.”
  6. other countries' embarrassments
    London Mayor Boris Johnson Wins Olympic Gold at Getting Stuck on Zip LineA true statesman.
  7. stuck in the mittle
    London’s Mayor Calls Out Mitt RomneyMitt Romney’s bad day gets worse.
  8. no taxation
    London Mayor Claims Obama’s Motorcade Owes Fines for Unpaid Congestion Charges“Our roads were not closed during the President’s visit so his motorcade will pay, I’m delighted to say.”