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  1. giants
    The Giants Head to San Francisco to Face Their Old FriendsA rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game takes place this Sunday.
  2. thunder road
    New Jersey Suspends Two State Troopers for Being Too Awesome Apparently, police escorts are not supposed to be super-high-speed.
  3. giants
    Brandon Jacobs to Appear on Wrestling Broadcast This WeekHe’ll appear at a TNA wrestling event being broadcast on Thursday.
  4. backlashes
    Brandon Jacobs Apologized for Telling Gisele to Shut UpHe thought he was paying her a compliment.
  5. backlashes
    Gisele’s Super Bowl Comment Was Nowhere Near As Bad As Brandon Jacobs’s Response“[Bundchen] just needs to continue to be cute and shut up.”
  6. 2012 nfl playoffs
    Was That Brandon Jacobs’s Meadowlands Farewell?Possibly.
  7. giants
    Brandon Jacobs Doesn’t See Himself With the Giants in 2012Said Jacobs to ‘Men’s Fitness’: “I just can’t wait to get a true opportunity to get out there and show myself again, you know?”
  8. The Giants Come Home With a Head of SteamNew York looks for its fourth straight win with the lowly Seahawks in town.
  9. Well, the Giants Got That First WinThey beat the Rams 28–16. Thanks, Rams!
  10. giants
    Brandon Jacobs: The Giants Definitely Aren’t Going to Sign Plaxico Burress“He’s got options.”
  11. giants
    Giants Don’t Care About Favre Bowl, Win Favre BowlThe Giants beat the Vikings, easily.
  12. giants
    Ahmad Bradshaw Loses His Starting Job — For Now at LeastBrandon Jacobs will start on Sunday.
  13. giants
    Brandon Jacobs Is the Loser of Manning Bowl IIBut it takes a real team effort to be as thoroughly dominated as the Giants were by the Colts last night.
  14. this week’s game
    Giants Week 1: Follow the Running BacksAhmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs will be in the spotlight when the Giants open their 2010 season.
  15. giants
    Brandon Jacobs’s T-Shirt: Free Plaxico!He had it specially made, believe it or not.
  16. If Only the Giants Could Play the Cowboys Every WeekThe Giants did a lot of things right in yesterday’s 31-24 win.
  17. this week’s game
    The Giants Should Give Thanks That Denver’s Falling ApartThe Giants have some issues, sure, but at least they’re not coming off a beat-down.
  18. this week’s game
    Giants-Redskins Preview: Run, Brandon, Run!But careful: Washington knows what’s coming.
  19. smack
    Albert Haynesworth Starts Lamest Beef Ever With Brandon JacobsOddly enough, “You so skinny” jokes don’t really offend 264-pound running backs.