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  1. apps
    Grindr to Remove Ethnicity Filter Out of Respect for Black Lives Matter“We will not be silent, and we will not be inactive.”
  2. pglang
    Kendrick Lamar, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Launches Something ‘Selfless’Yara Shahidi, Baby Keem, Jorja Smith, and Florence Welch are also involved in the “at-service company,” starring in its short film.
  3. brands
    Simone Biles Opens Up About Being Critiqued for Her LooksThe Olympic gymnast has partnered with SK-II to challenge beauty standards.
  4. victoria's secret
    Victoria’s Secret’s New Marketing Campaign Is Inspired by #MeTooThe brand is now trying to be inclusive with lingerie “for her.”
  5. twitter
    Brand Twitter Grows UpHow corporate social media (mostly) moved past its awkward phase and connected with audiences.
  6. the top line
    America’s Eighth-Largest Bank Will Have a Stupid Name: ‘Truist’I almost feel bad making fun of it. But I do think they are making a business mistake.
  7. this is coconuts
    Why Everyone Is Tweeting About Pee and Coconut WaterYes, that social media manager is holding a jar of her own piss.
  8. brands
    How an Aquafresh Parody Tumblr Got Swept Up in a Hate-Speech PurgeFans on Tumblr mourned the loss of the Aquafresh guy, who was collateral damage in an effort to root out hate speech.
  9. brands
    Never Mind, the Handmaid’s Tale Wine Has Been CanceledGuess we’ll have to toast our imminent reproductive dystopia with non-branded wine now.
  10. extremely unnecessary tie-ins
    And The Handmaid’s Tale Wine Has Already Been PulledUnder his side-eye.
  11. select all
    How Influencers Get Free Cosmetic Products, and You Can Too!It can be kind of illegal, though.
  12. international women's day 2018
    The Most Embarrassing International Women’s Day Publicity StuntsBrands … thank you.
  13. late capitalism
    15 Other Mascots We’d Like to See Turned Into Women, for Some ReasonNow that brands are obsessed with this move, we have a few suggestions. (For feminism.)
  14. select all
    Can Meme Fashion Catch On?“Thinking about it as a 30-year-old guy, I’m probably never going to wear this.”
  15. Why Top Brands Don’t Want to ‘Make America Great Again’It has become “nearly impossible to effectively build a cool urban lifestyle brand” without distancing your company from Donald Trump.
  16. #grabyourwallet
    Ivanka Trump’s Brand Issues an Even Longer Response to Nordstrom NewsThe beef continues.
  17. brands
    Tiffany & Co. Unveils Branded Barricades by Trump TowerThe flagship’s proximity to Trump Tower has posed problems for the store.
  18. new york fashion week spring 2017
    Grown Adults Prostrate Themselves at the Altar of ‘Kendall + Kylie’What was the Kendall + Kylie Fashion Week event? No living person knows.
  19. brands
    The Kardashians Are in Trouble Over Native AdsRemember to label your sponsored content!
  20. personal branding
    Tyra Banks Is Going to Teach a Class on Smizing at Stanford“If I see somebody not paying attention, I’m gonna call on them.”
  21. Don’t Worry: Guy With Instagram-Inspired Tattoo Is Fine After Logo ChangeThis could have been really awkward.
  22. memes
    Cheesecake Factory Responded to Drake Shout-outWe made a better one.
  23. consumer psychology
    So Volkswagen’s Betrayal Broke Your HeartThe psychology of beloved brands gone bad. 
  24. brands saying rap beef
    9 Embarrassing Ways Brands Are Responding to Drake and Meek Mill’s BeefYou won’t believe who chimed in.
  25. brands
    The Man Who’s Branding the Dadbod LifestyleCJ Cardenas wants to bring the world Dadbod Beer.
  26. Tax Day Is the New Black FridayBrands are trying to make a new non-holiday retail event happen.
  27. brands
    Barnes & Noble’s New Business Strategy: Fancy Plastic BagsAmazon may have cheaper books, but they don’t have plastic bags. 
  28. consumer psychology
    Socially Anxious People May Avoid Prestigious BrandsThis all sounds pretty exhausting.
  29. Why Brands Tweet ‘Bae’The evolution of a horrible social-media trend. 
  30. consumer psychology
    You’ll Betray Your Favorite Brand Pretty EasilyExperimental evidence for #brand #disloyalty.
  31. consumer psychology
    Do Brands Make People Less Religious?Some weird new study results.
  32. brands
    Brands Scramble to Incorporate 9/11 Memorials Into Their Social-Media Strategy“How can we make this about us?” —Brands
  33. the internet
    SpaghettiOs’ Pearl Harbor Tweet Won’t Live in Infamy, ExactlyBut people sure are talking about it today.
  34. re-branding
    November Elle U.K. Includes Feminist AdvertisementsTop agencies “re-brand” feminism.
  35. hommes depot
    Are Home Depot Totes the New Hipster It Bag?This is what happens when bright orange things get discontinued.
  36. revolving doors
    Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s Not-So-Subtle Sandbagging of Alessandro Dell’AcquaThe designer makes a break with his own brand in a letter to press.