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  1. tomorrow
    Welcome to the Age of Robot AnimalsAre mosquito soldiers the answer to the Zika virus?
  2. NYU Ethicist: Zika Virus Should Defer Olympics“It just makes more sense.”
  3. women helping women
    How One Brazilian Doctor Connected Zika to Birth DefectsAdriana Melo didn’t even have research funding when she made a discovery heard around the world.
  4. Activists Post Racist Tweets to Billboards in Twitter Users’ NeighborhoodsThere’s no “retrieve the author’s location and post this message as a billboard in his neighborhood” button on Twitter (yet). If there were, would we use it?
  5. Brazil’s Newest Viral Couple Is This Student and Her PotatoEssena O’Neill warned us about this.
  6. new faces of things
    Transgender Model Lea T on Beauty and Acceptance“People accept you easily if you look beautiful or if you have money.”
  7. movie reviews
    The Second Mother Uses Little Moments of Humiliation to Open Our EyesIf there’s such a thing as humiliation drama, this is it.
  8. that took balls
    It’s Time to Give Women’s Soccer the Support It Deserves“This is a conversation about the global women’s game we’ve been having for over 20 years.”
  9. that took balls
    Male Official Says Women’s Soccer Is Popular Because Players Are Prettier NowBrazil’s head of women’s soccer thanks shorter shorts for the new interest in the sport.
  10. future of movies
    How Have Movies Imagined What Movies Will Look Like?Maybe we’ll all just reenact movies in a postapocalyptic society.
  11. Openings
    Brigadeiro BakeryA Brazilian bakery is opening in Soho.
  12. cannibalism
    Brazilian Cannibals on Trial for Making Pastries Out of Women In the name of religion, of course.
  13. Awful Things
    Entire Family Gets Paralyzed After Feasting on Deadly Pufferfish by MistakeFugu is apparently as dangerous as everyone says, and doesn’t have to be served raw and in Japan by a careless sushi chef to mess you up.
  14. look of the day
    Rihanna Had the Most Fun at the World Cup She wore a neck tattoo and flashed the audience.
  15. the sports section
    GIF Recap: The Netherlands Ends Brazil’s Nightmare World CupAt least it wasn’t as bad as the last game.
  16. ink-stained wretches
    The Saddest Newspaper Front Pages in Brazil After Their World Cup EmbarrassmentO major fiasco da história.
  17. the internet
    All the Nazi Jokes During Germany vs. BrazilA brutal first half leads to some brutal one-liners.
  18. the sports section
    GIF Recap: Germany Stuns Brazil 7–1 to Advance to the World Cup FinalThe second semifinal is tomorrow.
  19. male gaze
    Turns Out Prince Harry Is an Agile Soccer GoalieHis Brazil tour has involved many athletics.
  20. Foodievents
    Fat Radish Heads to Brazil Next MonthJust in time for the World Cup.
  21. Grill Bin Laden
    Brazil Has a Bunch of Low-Key Osama Bin Laden-Themed BarsOne of them is a favored hangout of “goths and rockers.”
  22. Foodievents
    São Paulo Chef Carlos Bertolazzi Will Serve Coxinhas at Smorgasburg This WeekendThe traditional South American snack is typically made with braised chicken thighs.
  23. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Guilherme Leão, Brazil’s Hottest Subway GuardVoted the hottest transit guard in São Paulo.
  24. Edward Snowden Would Like Not to Be in Russia AnymoreHe would like to be in Brazil. 
  25. very sad things
    Brazil World Cup Stadium Collapse Kills ThreeA crane malfunction occurred today at Itaquerao Stadium in São Paulo.
  26. Pastry UFO
    Here’s a Macaron-Truffle-Brigadeiro Hybrid Headed to Smorgasburg ThisStraight from São Paulo to NYC.
  27. today in pop stars
    Justin Bieber Visited a BrothelIn Brazil.
  28. desperate apps
    In Brazil, Spying on Your Lover Just Got HarderThere’s no longer an app for that.
  29. Cut the Mustard
    Brazilian Authorities Pull Heinz ‘Ratchup’ Off the MarketNo one knows how many cases of ratchup are still out there.
  30. Brazil’s Pepper-Spray Woman: ‘The Police Are Violent and Cruel Here’Liv Nicolsky Lagerblad de Oliveira has come forward with a long Facebook message.
  31. photo op
    The Story Behind the Brazil Protest’s Shocking Pepper-Spray Photo [Updated]“She wasn’t doing anything,” the photographer tells us. 
  32. photo op
    17 Photos of Brazilians Overreacting to a Nine-Cent Fare Hike [Updated]By rioting in the streets. 
  33. awful things
    American Student Gang-Raped on Brazil MinibusHer companion was beaten and forced to watch.
  34. awful things
    Hundreds Killed in Brazilian Nightclub Fire [Updated]Indoor pyrotechnics seem to be to blame.
  35. gap watch
    Gap Inches Closer to World DominationThe retailer plans to set up shop in Brazil next year.
  36. Terry Gilliam Feels Every Cut as a CastrationMonths after Terry Gilliam’s Brazil was already a success abroad, he and the studio were still fighting over how to cut it for America. When […]
  37. Barf
    More People-Stuffed Empanadas in BrazilThe cannibalism saga gets worse.
  38. Grisly
    Those Empanadas Are Made of PeopleA horrific cannibal crime in Brazil.
  39. The Backlash Against Brazil’s Anti-Humor LawWelcome to beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Home to the world-famous Carnvial, Christ-the-Redeemer, Stan Getz’s Ipanema, caiprihinas, samba! And also […]
  40. overnights
    Amazing Race Finale Recap: Baby, They Got Me In All Sorts of Tight StuffDancing the samba, Brazilian waxes, and a tricycle race determined this season’s winner.
  41. equal rites
    Brazil Legalizes Civil Unions for Gay CouplesThe Supreme Court handed down a near-unanimous ruling yesterday.
  42. international intrigue
    President Obama Wisely Decides to Cancel Field Trip to Mayan RuinsThere are enough photos of Obama sightseeing in Latin America while bombs fall in Libya.
  43. Mediavore
    Doritos Gets Sacrilicious; Ghost Peppers Materialize in Santa MonicaThe chips-makers have a controversial new ad that’s angering Christians and spice-lovers get a new challenge.
  44. Mediavore
    Trick-or-Treaters To Be Tracked; Even In Brazil, McDonalds Makes You FatA new Android app lets you trace the path of your little goblins, while Mickey D’s must pay an employee $17,000 for his weight gain.
  45. early and awesome
    Illiterate Clown Elected to Brazilian CongressLiterally.
  46. the future is coming
    Where Google Street View Is Going, It Doesn’t Need StreetsTo Antarctica!
  47. soccer
    The U.S. Soccer Team Is Still PlayingU.S. soccer, against Brazil, at the New Meadowlands tonight.
  48. world cup
    Poor, Poor GhanaGhana’s awful loss.
  49. world cup
    Hup, Holland, Hup!The Netherlands takes down Brazil, 2–1.
  50. world cup
    It’s Quarterfinals Time at the World CupBrazil-Netherlands and Uruguay-Ghana in the quarterfinals.
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