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  1. #metoo
    ‘Disgraced’ Director Exiled to Lavish Parisian Birthday PartyA year after six women accused him of sexual misconduct, Brett Ratner seems to be doing just fine.
  2. lawsuits
    Brett Ratner Drops His Libel Suit Against Rape Accuser“This is a win for women everywhere,” Kohler’s attorney Roberta Kaplan said in a statement.
  3. independent spirit awards 2018
    John Mulaney and Nick Kroll Name Names in Independent Spirit Awards MonologueNick Kroll shares a disgusting (alleged) story about Brett Ratner and six doughnuts.
  4. the industry
    Olivia Munn on Hollywood Sexual Harassment: ‘This Is an Abuse-of-Power Issue’“The system that lets men like Brett Ratner and Woody Allen back in, is the same system that creates disparity.”
  5. sexual assault
    Russell Simmons Responds to Sexual-Assault Allegation: ‘I Know Who I Am’“I support your healing and will continue to be an honest and imperfect advocate for the voiceless (including animals) and humanity as a whole.”
  6. sexual assault
    Ex-Model Says Russell Simmons Privately Apologized for Alleged Sexual AssaultShe recalls asking for Brett Ratner for help as Simmons made sexual advances, but Ratner seemed unmoved.
  7. sexual assault
    Russell Simmons Allegedly Assaulted a Young Model While Brett Ratner WatchedThe duo allegedly have a long history of coercing women into sex.
  8. wonder woman
    Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman Team ‘Echoed Sentiments’ to Remove Brett Ratner“Everyone knew what was the right thing to do.”
  9. more sexual harassment allegations
    Model Accuses Brett Ratner of Masturbating in Front of HerHe allegedly started masturbating in front of her in the backseat of a chauffeur-driven car.
  10. sexual harassment
    Gal Gadot Will Exit Wonder Woman Universe Unless Brett Ratner Is FiredRatner has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment this month.
  11. more sexual harassment allegations
    Ellen Page Says Brett Ratner Publicly Outed Her When She Was 18“He ‘outed’ me with no regard for my well-being, an act we all recognize as homophobic.”
  12. lawsuits
    Brett Ratner Sues Woman for Libel Over Rape ClaimOn Facebook, a woman alleged Ratner “was a rapist on at least one night in Hollywood about 12 years ago.”
  13. sexual assault
    Brett Ratner No Longer Has a Development Partnership With Warner Bros.The director says it was his choice, but the studio claims it has severed ties.
  14. Playboy Puts Brett Ratner Hugh Hefner Movie on Hold in Wake of AllegationsAdditionally, Jared Leto’s representatives claim he was never involved in the film.
  15. sexual misconduct
    6 Women Accuse Brett Ratner of Sexual HarassmentMunn had previously published a story about Ratner masturbating in front of her in a memoir.
  16. casting couch
    Oh Jeez, Jared Leto Is Playing Hugh HefnerIn a biopic directed by Brett Ratner.
  17. Treasury Secretary Sells Stake in Production Company That Made Entourage MovieFounded with an Australian billionaire and Brett Ratner, the company was also behind Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.
  18. cannes 2017
    Al Gore Will Dance to Prince If He Wants ToAl Gore, Brett Ratner, and Mary J. Blige all stole the show at Vanity Fair’s Cannes party.
  19. Donald Trump’s Pick for Treasury Secretary Produced Suicide SquadSteven Mnuchin also financed Batman v. Superman, Mad Max: Fury Road, and dozens of other blockbusters.
  20. Eddie Murphy Might Star in a Netflix Mockumentary About a ’60s Soul SingerEddie Murphy and Brett Ratner are teaming up for a new project in the works at Netflix. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy is in […]
  21. fake-outs
    Eddie Murphy in Talks for Fake Netflix DocWith Brett Ratner directing.
  22. what could have been
    Matt Bomer Was Supposed to Play J.J. Abrams’s Very Dreamy SupermanWhat could have been.
  23. Bill Lawrence and Brett Ratner Are Developing a ‘Rush Hour’ TV SeriesYet another big-screen comedy is currently in development as a TV series. Deadline reports that an hourlong action comedy based on the hit Rush […]
  24. snubbed
    TV Hercules Is Miffed at the Rock’s HerculesPoor guy.
  25. trailer mix
    Watch the Rock in the Full Hercules TrailerHercules! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!
  26. ‘Beverly Hills Cop IV’ Set for a Spring 2016 ReleaseAfter over a decade in development a new sequel to Beverly Hills Cop is one step closer to happening. Paramount has set a release date for […]
  27. Looking at the Planned 2008 Version of ‘Beverly Hills Cop IV’ “The Script Pile” is a biweekly column on Splitsider that takes a look at the screenplays for high-profile movie and TV comedies that never […]
  28. trailer mix
    Hercules Trailer: Rock ’Em, Sock ’Em Man-GodsTwo tickets for the gun show, please.
  29. adaptations
    Ed Norton’s Motherless Brooklyn Is HappeningAfter 15 years.
  30. Brett Ratner Signs Back On to Direct ‘Beverly Hills Cop IV’Director Brett Ratner is back on board Beverly Hills Cop IV, Deadline reports. Ratner was attached to direct the sequel a couple years ago, but […]
  31. you’re hired
    Brett Ratner to Direct Beverly Hills Cop 4Jerry Bruckheimer to produce.
  32. gay heroes
    GLAAD to Honor Brett RatnerMore than a year after Ratner was bounced from the Oscars for using a gay slur.
  33. oscars 2013
    Does the Academy Kinda Owe Brett Ratner an Apology Now?He got fired for his un-PC remarks, while Seth MacFarlane reveled in that sort of humor last night.
  34. in development
    Brett Ratner Producing a FarmVille TV ShowWhat’s the opposite of two great tastes that taste great together?
  35. movies
    Brett Ratner Circling Midnight Run SequelWith Robert De Niro ready to return.
  36. movies
    Brett Ratner May Direct MTV MovieAbout the history of the network.
  37. Angela Bassett and Julian McMahon May Join Fox Spy PilotAlias fans will be interested to hear what role Bassett will be playing.
  38. movies
    Brett Ratner Casts Dwayne Johnson as HerculesHercules, Hercules!
  39. movies
    Brett Ratner to Direct GLAAD CampaignAfter leaving his Oscar post for using a gay slur.
  40. Celebrity Settings
    Warren Beatty Toasts Son at Il Covo; Jenni Rivera Spotted at Lola’sThe legendary actor raises a glass to Stephen, who was formerly his daughter, Kathlyn.
  41. exclusive
    Long Before Tower Heist, Brett Ratner Had His Own Wall Street PastIn 1989, the man who later offered to screen his film for the Occupy Wall Streeters worked at a firm that was put out of business for a “pump and dump” scam.
  42. Academy President on Brett Ratner: ‘I Was Appalled’“Oh my gosh, oh wow.”
  43. Brian Grazer to Replace Brett Ratner as Oscars Producer, Is Trying to Get […]Producer/haircut Brian Grazer has stepped in to replace bearded bro-child Brett Ratner as producer of the Oscars. Ratner had stepped down from […]
  44. Brian Grazer to Replace Brett Ratner As Oscar ProducerCan he entice Eddie Murphy to come back?
  45. The Oscars: Now What?Ratner and Murphy are both out, so where does the Academy go from here?
  46. talk
    Who Should Host the Oscars?Billy Crystal, Neil Patrick Harris, Tina Fey, or someone far more outlandish?
  47. Eddie Murphy Quits Oscar Hosting Gig“I was truly looking forward to being a part of the show.”
  48. How the Brett Ratner Oscar Resignation Went DownAnd what are the odds that Eddie Murphy will stick around?
  49. brett ratner
    Watch Adam Pally Help Brett Ratner ApologizeHappy Endings’ Adam Pally channels Brett Ratner to deliver not just an apology, but styling tips (hint: shrimp grease isn’t just a handy lubricant).
  50. Brett Ratner Steps Down as Oscar Producer [UPDATE]He was under fire for saying ‘rehearsal is for fags,’ as first reported by Vulture.
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