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  1. The Case for the (Non-Harassing, Worth the Trouble) Creative GeniusWe don’t want more James Levines. But how about more Zaha Hadids?
  2. man tax
    This Pharmacy Is Making Men Pay More to Compensate for the Wage GapTime to stock up on all your feminine needs.
  3. casting couch
    Jared Leto May Replace Will Smith in BrillianceAlso starring Noomi Rapace.
  4. casting couch
    Noomi Rapace to Join Will Smith in BrillianceAs yet another tattooed troublemaker.
  5. casting couch
    Will Smith in Talks for Yet Another MovieThe man is stockpiling work.
  6. Brilliance
    Michael Laiskonis on the New Job, His Book, Visiting Le Bernardin, and BeingAnd why Alex Stupak makes him feel lazy.
  7. Jason Reitman Is Staging a Reading of The ApartmentFirst The Breakfast Club, now this.
  8. brilliance
    Marc Jacobs Was a Character on South Park Last NightHe’s shirtless, naturally, and sipping tea.
  9. brilliance
    Aaron Paul, Jennifer Garner, and Michael Chiklis Join The Breakfast ClubWe always knew Jesse Pinkman was channeling Judd Nelson.
  10. brilliance
    Mindy Kaling, Patton Oswalt, and James Van Der Beek Live the Dream of Starring in The Breakfast ClubAs a basketcase, a nerd, and a jock. Respectively.