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    Brooklyn Cyclones to Host Seinfeld NightA salute to the NBC show, on the 25th anniversary of its premiere.
  2. This Is Not a Beard: Scenes From the Brooklyn Cyclones’ ‘Williamsburg Night’ Take twee out to the ballgame.
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    Your Brooklyn Cyclones Season Begins TonightMinor-league baseball is here again.
  4. hurricane irene
    Hurricane Irene Forces Schedule Changes and CancellationsA number of events are affected.
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    In Case You Missed It, Jose Reyes’s Day in Brooklyn Went WellHe says he’s ready to return to the Mets tomorrow.
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    The Cyclones Can Claim Two Titles in the Next WeekThose titles? The New York–Penn League championship, and the winner of our Minor League Stadium Crawl.
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    Minor League Stadium Crawl: Brooklyn CyclonesOur tour continues with a visit to Coney Island’s MCU Park.
  8. minor league stadium crawl
    We’re Off to Coney Island!Our Minor League Stadium Crawl continues with a visit to MCU Park.
  9. what’s in a name?
    KeySpan Park Isn’t Called KeySpan Park AnymoreSay hello to MCU Park.
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    Meet Your Possible Next Mets Manager, If He Can Help ItThe new Brooklyn Cyclones manager has a bit of history.
  11. mets that can still walk
    Beltran’s Back! (Playing for the Cyclones)See him tonight — with fireworks!
  12. the sports section
    Beltran’s Back! (Playing for the Cyclones)See him tonight — with fireworks!
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    Brooklyn Loves Marty Dolls; Bobbling Brooklyn Bridge Worries UsYesterday was Marty Markowitz Bobblehead Doll Day at KeySpan Park, and we can report that it was everything we’d hoped it would be. Marty’s fans were out in full force — 200 were already lined up when the gates opened to be sure to get one of the 2,500 dolls, and some seemed to be there only for the doll. (The woman behind us in line had her ticket scanned, took the doll, turned around, and went home.) Markowitz seemed as excited as we were to see his head on a doll, even if said doll looks more like Newt Gingrich than the beep. “I wanted to marry a beautiful woman, and I did,” he said in his speech. “I wanted to become Brooklyn borough president, and I did. But never did I dream I’d have my own bobblehead doll.” Meantime, we’re more than a bit concerned about the Cyclones’ upcoming Brooklyn Bridge bobblebridge promotion. We’d rather not have on our desk a reminder of how old and rickety that thing is, thank you very much. —Joe DeLessio Earlier: Flick Marty in the Face!
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    Flick Marty in the Face!You know what toy we’ve always wanted? A Marty Markowitz bobblehead. Well, that’s not quite true; what we’ve really wanted was a talking Marty doll. (Pull the string and it’d say, “You’re leaving Brooklyn? Oy vey!” or “How about a nice slice of cheesecake?”) But a bobblehead is pretty damned cool, too. And according to a press release we received yesterday from the Brooklyn Cyclones, the team will be giving out Marty bobbleheads at their Sunday, August 5, game, against the Aberdeen Ironbirds. The first 2,500 fans to arrive will get one, and now we’re tempted to go. The bobblehead currently on our shelf is Noah, and he (of all people!) is feeling lonely. Minor-League Options [NYM] Brooklyn Cyclones [Official site]