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  1. bros
    Wes Anderson Isn’t Kicking Bill Murray to the Curb Over Misconduct AllegationsMurray didn’t appear in Asteroid City because of COVID, actually.
  2. let gay reality tv bomb
    Real Friends of WeHo Made Drag Race Fans ‘Look Over There!’Nielsen reports the Real Friends premiere managed to hold on to just 29 percent of Drag Race’s viewership.
  3. vulture lists
    The Best Fake Podcasts of the YearFrom X, Y, and Me to The 11th Brick at Stonewall.
  4. austin’s power
    Austin Powers References Are Comedy’s Hottest Mini-TrendAnd they’re perfectly tucked inside This Fool, Ramy, and Bros.
  5. bros
    Stop Saving the Rom-comAs an empty vessel of a genre, the romantic comedy is not worth resuscitating, though what it once contained probably is.
  6. bros
    Billy Eichner Is Disappointed With the StraightsEichner’s gay rom-com, Bros, opened in theaters this weekend, but the box-office performance was less than stellar.
  7. movie review
    Bros Is at Its Best When It Forgets About Making HistoryBilly Eichner’s romantic comedy is messy, funny, and ultimately charming — when it isn’t weighed down by all the firsts.
  8. into it
    Guy Branum Loves That Bros Made Room for a Happy-Sack GayBut he’s more mixed on the discourse: “You cannot change the problems of millennia of marginalization without things being a bit weird around it.”
  9. chat room
    Luke Macfarlane Listened to Las Culturistas to Prepare for Bros“Especially during the pandemic, they were like my friends that I would check in with and hear their opinions.”
  10. chat room
    Ts Madison Says Bros Is a Roast of Straight People“We have the knife, we have the fork, and we about to eat you up, honey.”
  11. tiff 2022
    Clapter and Ass-Shaking at the World Premiere of BrosWhen an audience member asked why, despite all the talk of representation, the film stars two white men, co-star Ts Madison stepped up to the plate.
  12. ‘it’s awful’
    Billy Eichner Strongly Relates to Holly Hunter in Broadcast News“She’s so damn smart …”
  13. tiff 2022
    TIFF, Feeling ‘White & Nerdy,’ Adds Weird: The Al Yankovic Story to Its LineupEzra Miller appears in the festival’s closing film, Dalíland, despite being omitted from the announcement.
  14. release dates
    Let’s Go, Lesbians: Billy Eichner Rom-com to Premiere in Summer 2022Let’s go!
  15. strong male friendship
    Tom Hardy and Prince Harry Have a ‘Deeply Private’ FriendshipIn a new interview, he wouldn’t share anything more than that Prince Harry is a “legend.”
  16. bros
    Tom Hardy Loses Bet to Leonardo DiCaprio, Gets ‘Leo Knows All’ TattooWhich may have something to do with models?
  17. everyday sexism
    Spring Cleaning Gets Sexist on Fox & Friends“I’m excited to watch you do it.”
  18. bros
    Milo Ventimiglia Loves Doing Push-upsIs there any show as swole?
  19. bros
    Nick Jonas Says Being Famous Is Like Getting Hazed by a Frat“I compare living a public life … as my own version of hazing.”
  20. frat culture
    The Connection Between Frat Hazing and Rape CultureAndrew Neel thinks fraternity problems for women begin with men.
  21. trailer mix
    New Goat Trailer: Nick Jonas Is in a Freaky, Slap-Happy FraternityWho knew providing massive amounts of alcohol to a bunch of 19-year-old, testosterone-filled dudes had consequences?
  22. swellness
    7 X-Treme Teas for Men OnlyOnly real men can drink these herbs.
  23. Watch As Some Bros Explain How ‘Birth Control’ Is Affecting Their Bodies“Honestly, [condoms are] so expensive.”
  24. candy
    Billy Eichner and Jason Sudeikis Crush It As Bros on the StreetIs it too late to give out those Genius Awards?
  25. bros
    Tom Brady, Ultimate Bro, Tried Really Hard to Dance to ‘Trap Queen’ and MigosGronk has some competition.
  26. genitalia
    CrossFitters Are Posting Sweat-Angel Pics That Resemble GenitalsDudes’ angels look like uteruses.
  27. beverages
    Yes Way, Brosé: Men Finally Realizing Rosé Is the BestTook ‘em long enough.
  28. hot shot
    Zac Efron Wore the Perfect Example of Festive Bro-Gear The man knows how to wear a pair of Zubaz.
  29. careers
    Bro Down, Professionally, As a Bachelor-Party ReporterGot to get up to bro down. 
  30. The 50 Most Adored Men in AmericaAccompanied by inane, personal hashtags. 
  31. bros who like things
    Talking to Bros Who Love Taylor SwiftOn feelings, concerts, 1989, and T-shirts. 
  32. HBO Is Developing a Comedy About Three Brothers in Los AngelesHBO is working on a sibling comedy. Titled Bros, the series comes from Hand of God writer Benjamin Cory Jones and The Wire/Newsroom director […]
  33. bros
    What I Learned About Privilege by Joining a FratThere was more to the experience than male bonding and warm Natty Light.
  34. bro behavior
    Broga Mats Make Yoga Manly Enough for Bros Mats for men who just want to open their chakras.
  35. crimes and misdemeanors
    Burglar Bros Broke into Queens Beer GardenGuess what they stole.
  36. just for the bros
    Bros Finally Have Their Own Wearable TechnologyOf course it’s a snapback.
  37. bro cartography
    The Bro Stereotype Map of AmericaA female-curated set of descriptions by major city. 
  38. no makeup
    When Bros Say They Like the ‘Natural Look,’ They LieA study says that, in fact, they like makeup a lot.
  39. bros
    Watch Brad Pitt Toss a Beer to Matthew McConaugheyAcross balconies in New Orleans.
  40. bros
    Study: 37 British Jocks Love Spooning One AnotherA new study provides insight into the appeal of straight guy-on-guy cuddles.  
  41. sweet nothings
    BroApp Will Send Thoughtful Lies to Your LadyIt recommends “sweet pea” as a term of endearment.
  42. old bros club
    There Are No Women on Wall Street Because It’s a FraternityTry a sorority instead. 
  43. put it in a love song
    Bros Make a Loving Song in Celebration of Sleeping With the Same GirlThey share a former hookup and a love of storytelling. 
  44. bros
    Minnesota Congressional Candidate Not Sorry for Partying Meet Stewart Mills.
  45. true bromance
    The Bros Who Love Love ActuallyTo them, this movie is perfect.
  46. apologies
    An Appropriate Apology From the Frat Bro Who Wrote an Asinine E-MailFrom “in luring rapebait” to sincerest apologies.
  47. brocabulary
    Exploring the Etymology of ‘Bro’Courtesy of Oxford.
  48. boobs or lose
    Brogrammers Unveil ‘TitStare’ at Prominent Tech ConferenceInspiring young girls everywhere to take up coding, probably.
  49. sad things
    Massive Bro at Mets Game Vs. Water Bottle: The Most Embarrassing Struggle EverSeriously, his muscles are huge.
  50. drug culture
    Why Aren’t Women at Home in the World of Weed?Many don’t feel they can publicly own up to their marijuana use, even in cases where it is truly for medicinal purposes.
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