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  1. now trending
    All I Want to Wear Are Shades of Sweet BrownChocolate, honey, mocha, cocoa.
  2. bronde ambition
    Update: Kim Kardashian Did Not Dye Her Hair Bronde [Updated]An old photo fools us all.
  3. jerks
    Ray Kelly Heckled Off Stage at Brown UniversityHe couldn’t give a lecture over constant interruptions.
  4. problem solving
    Brown University Trying to Fix Wikipedia’s Gender GapEdit-a-thons?
  5. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to Fake Cara Delevingne BrowsHere’s how to fill them in beautifully, in four simple steps.
  6. e-mail fails
    The Brown Alumni Listserv Is Having an Epic Reply-All Fail“I’m a 20 year alum. Why am I getting this email?”