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  1. budgets
    The Republican Budget Fight, Explained in 5 MinutesA primer on how the House’s struggle to pass a 2018 budget could blow up tax reform — and America’s credit rating.
  2. Trump Mulls Cutting Billions From Public Housing to Fund Larger MilitaryThe proposed budget would slash all funding for community development and drastically reduce rental assistance to the poor.
  3. Retired Generals to Congress: Please Don’t Cut International SpendingIncreasing the Pentagon’s budget at the expense of everything else isn’t going to make America safer.
  4. budgets
    Trump Team Considering Serious Arts Budget CutsArts funding might be on Trump’s chopping block.
  5. consumer research
    Americans Spend Obscene Sums on Halloween Costumes for PetsHundreds of millions
  6. Booze News
    Liquor Store Privatization Plan Doesn’t Add Up For SchoolsWe knew it wouldn’t be long until the other shoe dropped in this latest chapter of the privatization saga.
  7. transformers 4
    Transformers 4 Will Now Be Made for Less MoneyAbout $30 million less. And it might venture to space.
  8. ham
    30 Rock Created Queen of Jordan to Save MoneyI drank all the throwing wine.
  9. politics
    Jonathan Chait on NOW with Alex Wagner: Paul Ryan, Genuine Salesman?“Paul Ryan’s the guy who really figured out what the Republicans are going to do if they can get a hold of this power and Romney is just the one who’s executing it.”
  10. MTA Will Have No Service Cuts or Fare Increases in 2012But they will have a $68 million deficit.
  11. economic woes
    The States Are Out of Money, TooMaybe 50 supercommittees would help?
  12. budgets
    City Effort to Strangle Tennis Scene Is WorkingCourts become lonelier.
  13. Food Politics
    Dems Blame Boenher and the GOP for Listeria and E. Coli OutbreaksRecent listeria and E. coli outbreaks are being called a “wake-up call.”
  14. white men with money
    Goldman Sachs’s London Office Is Cutting the Plant BudgetThe plant budget is apparently not insignificant.
  15. cuomolot
    Cuomo’s Union Victory: Won With Open Arms(And a stick in his back pocket.)
  16. Quote of the Day
    LCB’s Windfall Just Doesn’t Add Up For Marc VetriThe chef wonders why the state is broke, even after recieving more than a half-billion dollars from the booze agency.
  17. Mediavore
    Nutter Proposes Soda Tax to Close City Schools’ Budget Gap; Was Bin LadenPlus: Kids in California spend 24 hours in a Denny’s to set a Guinness World Record; and fast food jobs become desirable in the tough economy, all in our morning news roundup.
  18. school daze
    Teachers March on Wall Street to Protest Bloomberg Cuts“I never expected to come home to see New York act like Wisconsin.”
  19. twilight
    Breaking Dawn’s Budget: $200 Million More Than EclipseTwilight is getting an upgrade.
  20. early and often
    Government Accountability Office Finds $100 Billion to $200 Billion in Overlapped SpendingThat’s … good news?
  21. school daze
    Bloomberg to Cut Almost 5,000 TeachersThis isn’t going to go over well.
  22. cuomolot
    Andrew Cuomo Launches War on ‘Permanent’ Spending IncreasesThe governor calls the state budget process a “sham.”