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  1. bubbles
    Anxious Nation Awaits Imminent Arrival of Bud Light Hard SeltzerThe anticipation is bubbling over.
  2. beer fight
    Corn Farmers Are Mad at BudweiserSuper Bowl shade leads to agricultural beef.
  3. sports drinks
    Cleveland Got Free Beer Because Its Football Team Finally Won a GameThe Browns beat the Jets and Ohioans got some free Bud Light as a result.
  4. beer me
    New Bud Light Orange Perfect for Days When You Want Beer That Tastes Like TangOnly available for the summer!
  5. the feeding tube
    All of the Super Bowl Food and Drink Ads, RankedIt was a big year for celebrity-endorsed junk food.
  6. news you can booze
    To Combat Falling Sales, Budweiser Will Soon Be ‘Fresher’Notice the megabrewer doesn’t say “better.”
  7. news you can booze
    Budweiser Is Figuring Out How to Brew Beer on MarsFor some reason.
  8. WATCH: Anti-Trump Tweeters Hijacked #BoycottBudwiser During the Super Bowl“You can’t boycott something you can’t spell.”
  9. video feed
    So, Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad Is All About ImmigrationEven if the politics were unintentional.
  10. big beer
    Budweiser Actually Hosted a ‘Media Preview’ for Its Super Bowl AdsReporters were given “fun facts”!
  11. news you can booze
    Self-Driving Truck Makes 100-Mile Beer RunThe future arrives. And it’s got cases of Budweiser.
  12. the chain gang
    Carl’s Jr. Is Testing Budweiser BurgersPossibly the most American thing to ever happen to food.
  13. beta male
    A Brewery Plans to Deliver Beer by Bald EagleIt’s a Canadian brewery, but this is fully American.
  14. Suds Of Freedom
    Brewery Mocks Budweiser by Announcing Freedom-Flavored ’Murica BeerPeople took it seriously, of course.
  15. Yeah Sure
    Trump Wants Credit For Budweiser’s ‘America’ CansWhy do we get the sinking feeling that America is somehow less great as a result of all of this?
  16. Budweiser Renamed Beer ‘America’ in Honor of Trump’s Campaign, Trump SpeculatesThe presumptive GOP nominee thinks Budweiser renamed its beer “America” for the summer because “they’re so impressed with what our country will become.”
  17. ‘Murica
    Budweiser Will Just Straight-Up Call Its Beer ‘America’Tell us what you really think of your product, Bud.
  18. News You Can Booze
    Craft Breweries Mailed Peyton Manning Beer That Isn’t BudweiserThe Brewers Association is staging an intervention over his subpar beer preferences.
  19. Beer Me
    Manning Plugs Budweiser After Super Bowl Win… Even though the quarterback made an oddly specific point of mentioning the brand right after the game.
  20. super bowl ads
    See Helen Mirren’s Super Bowl Drunk-Driving PSA“If your brain was donated to science, science would return it.”
  21. Food Crimes
    Man Named Bud Weisser Found Trespassing at Budweiser BreweryNo one knows how he got inside.
  22. bad ideas
    Enlightened Company Thinks the Time Is Right to Sell Women Bad BeerIf you’re going to use women’s equality to shill beverages, at least make them quality beverages.
  23. Beer Wars
    The Government Is Investigating Anheuser-Busch for Sabotaging Sales of CraftThe mega-brewer is allegedly cutting off smaller competitors’ access to distributors.
  24. Beer Me
    SABMiller Is Just Not That Into A-B InBev’s $104 Billion Merger OfferIt was the third attempt by Anheuser-Busch InBev to buy its rival.
  25. News You Can Booze
    Sorry Female-Run Brewery, Budweiser Says You Can’t Be the ‘Queen ofThe company is suing a small, female-owned L.A. brewery.
  26. Drama
    Competitors Complain Budweiser’s Burger Contest With David Chang WasBud is also offering refunds to fest attendees who say the whole thing was a bust.
  27. Blowbacks
    Craft Brewers All Over the Country Are Taunting Budweiser With ‘PumpkinBeer, brew kits, T-shirts, festivals, and so much more.
  28. Famous Last Words
    David Chang Fully Embraces Celebrity Chefdom Through Budweiser-Sponsored BurgerWatch out, Guy Fieri.
  29. Video Feed
    Watch Budweiser Create a Fake Bar to Deceive Beer SnobsLots of work for a relatively minor amount of confusion.
  30. Blowbacks
    Craft Brewers Continue to Hammer Budweiser’s ‘Tone-Deaf’ SuperThey probably should have stuck with Clydesdales.
  31. Beer Me
    Anheuser-Busch Actually Owns a Brewery That Makes ‘Pumpkin PeachBudweiser’s controversial Super Bowl ad was incredibly lame.
  32. Beer Me
    Budweiser Nixed Its Awesome Clydesdales in Favor of Whiny Millennials This YearThey wear flannels, trucker hats, non-prescription glasses, ironic t-shirts, and coincidentally have never really tried the beer brand.
  33. emmys 2014
    See All the Emmy-Nominated Commercials Perhaps you fast-forwarded past them.
  34. Proof
    Choosy Teen Drinkers Choose Bud LightThey like getting wasted on the brand names, a study says.
  35. Open Bottles
    Budweiser Will Begin Listing Its Beers’ IngredientsFinally, what gives Bud its “immensely complex and sophisticated composition.”
  36. I’ll Allow It!
    Judge Rules Budweiser’s Watery Beer Isn’t Diluted on PurposePhew!
  37. Runaway Blimp
    Runaway Beer-Company Blimp Was Sadly Unable to Escape CanadaThe aircraft went rogue during a hockey tournament on Saturday.
  38. Six-Packs
    Budweiser Maker Buys Long Island’s Blue Point BreweryIt’s not a hoptical illusion.
  39. QWERTY
    Budweiser’s Adorable Puppy Hijacks Twitter FeedFake Twitter hacks: Good for attracting followers.
  40. Rulings
    Anheuser-Busch Can’t Sell ‘Budweiser’ in ItalyA court rules the Czech Republic’s Budejovicky Budvar can use the famous name.
  41. Design
    Budweiser Debuts Weird Bow-Tie-Shaped CanTwo years in the making.
  42. Weak Brew
    Shocker: Lawsuit Accuses Budweiser of Watering Down Its BeerIs the beer company overstating its ABV?
  43. Beer Me
    Anheuser-Busch Loses ‘Budweiser’ Trademark Court BattleIt’s time for a drink.
  44. Leftovers
    Hudson Clearwater Pops Up in Paris; Ryan Skeen’s 83 1/2 ClosesPlus: Budweiser to debut a new beer, and more in today’s leftovers.
  45. Product Displacement
    Budweiser Does Not Want to Be in Flight AnymoreThe beer titan isn’t happy.
  46. product misplacement
    Budweiser Wants Off This FlightApparently, being associated with alcoholism is bad for a booze brand.
  47. Beef
    Fairmount Restaurateurs Weigh In On Made In America Keeping ThemThe two-day music festival will have some of Fairmount’s restaurants cut off from the world.
  48. product placement
    Why a Baby-Seat Brand Wanted to Be in The Hangover Part II, and Budweiser Did NotThe C-word is fine for baby gear, but underage drinking is no good for a beer.
  49. Mediavore
    L.A. County Restricts Foam Container Use; KFC Doubles Down on Co-Ed ButtsEnvironmentalists are pleased over new legislation, while the chicken chain’s unhealthy sandwich has a new marketing scheme.
  50. Mediavore
    Budweiser Eyes Hipsters; Egg Farm Owners TestifyPlus: don’t call the Darby a supper club, and KFC advertises on butts, all in our morning news roundup.
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