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    Bills Score Touchdown on First Play After Tribute to Damar HamlinThe still-hospitalized player tweeted “OMFG” in response.
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    Doctors Say Damar Hamlin Is ‘Neurologically Intact’The Buffalo Bills announced that Hamlin, who collapsed Monday night, has shown “remarkable improvement” over the past 24 hours.
  3. nfl
    Bills Say Damar Hamlin Went Into Cardiac Arrest on FieldThe 24-year-old remained in the hospital in critical condition after collapsing on Monday night.
  4. games
    The Bills Stadium Deal Is Both Indefensible and UnderstandableIt makes no sense from a financial standpoint. It makes slightly more sense if you consider the team’s priceless importance to Buffalo.
  5. budget
    Trust Me, To-Go Drinks Will Solve EverythingWhat budget problems?
  6. games
    10 Bold Sports Predictions for the 2020sGames played with no fans? Congressman Kaepernick? A fearless attempt to forecast the decade ahead.
  7. Kathryn Smith, the First Full-time Female NFL Coach, Has Been Let GoKathryn Smith is out at the Bills.
  8. politics
    Rex Ryan Will Introduce Donald Trump at His Buffalo Rally TonightThe two men have been compared in the past.
  9. NFL’s First Female Coach Won’t Be the Only OneKathryn Smith gave her first interview on Thursday.
  10. historical hire
    The Bills Hired Female Coach, Kathryn SmithStep back, boys. There’s a new coach in town. 
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    Jets-Bills Unis a Nightmare for the Color-blindThe full-body red and green uniforms made it difficult for them to tell the teams apart.
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    Guy Who Fell on Other Guy at Jets Game Loses JobHe’s also banned from the stadium. 
  13. the sports section
    Idiot Slides Off Upper Deck at Bills-Jets Game, Falls on Man Below [Updated]Here’s the video. 
  14. jets
    The Jets Save Their Season, for NowThey beat the Bills, 28-24. Thanks, Stevie Johnson.
  15. giants
    The Giants Make Up for Last WeekThey beat the Bills, 27-24.
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    Brad Smith Agrees to Four-Year Deal With BillsThe Jets reportedly didn’t even make him an offer.
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    The Jets Would Like to Be the Jets AgainThe Jets beat the Bills and head into the playoffs.
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    The Jets Pantsed the Bills Yesterday, Literally and FigurativelyThe Jets won 38–14.
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    The Jets Have a Week to ‘Relax’The Jets have their first supposed “gimme” of the year.
  20. nfl season preview
    NFL Season Preview: AFC EastA look at the AFC East.
  21. canada
    The Jets Need a Win Tonight, HoserThe Jets go north.
  22. uh-oh
    Sanchez Learning It’s Not Actually That EasyThe Jets lose a crusher to the Bills at home, in overtime.
  23. the other team must suffer
    The Evil People Who Are Attempting to Take What Is Rightfully Ours: Buffalo Bills EditionWhom to hate on the Buffalo Bills.