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  1. bullies
    Melania Trump Talks the Jacket, the White House, and Bullies in New InterviewShe says she’s the most bullied person in the world.
  2. bullies
    Middle School Closed for Safety Concerns After Adults Threaten Transgender GirlAn Oklahoma middle school closed down for two days after multiple parents threatened a transgender girl with violence.
  3. popular
    I Was the Queen Bee: 3 High School Bullies on Their Reigns of Terror“You feel invincible when you know you’re popular.”
  4. lin-manuel miranda
    Lin-Manuel Miranda’s High-School Bully Was Rapper Immortal Technique“I got thrown in the garbage by him.”
  5. Alex Abramovich Among the Thugs Bullies is a biker memoir, but it’s not a heartwarming tale of self-discovery via leather and chrome.
  6. the kids are not alright
    A Gossip App Brought My High School to a HaltImagine if everybody you knew in high school could anonymously broadcast the meanest things they ever thought.
  7. Robusto
    Bikini-Wearing Baristas in Washington Launch Personal Attacks on CustomersAlso, there’s no crema on this espresso.
  8. cover girls
    Zooey Deschanel Found That Girl Who Spit on HerShe talked to Marie Claire about the incident yet again.
  9. you never leave high school
    Your Office Is High SchoolAdults make fun of ugly co-workers more than attractive ones. 
  10. growing up
    The Claire Danes Guide to Getting Over Teen BulliesShe shared a junior-high bully with Morena Baccarin.
  11. victimology
    Can You Bully a Celebrity?Jada Pinkett Smith and the New York Times think so.
  12. jocks
    Among Other Flaws, Lance Armstrong Not Very Nice to Women“Listen, I called you crazy. I called you a bitch, I called you all these things, but I never called you fat.”
  13. trolls
    Top Model Judge Reportedly Attempted SuicideVery sad news.
  14. Bullies
    Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein to Wine, Dine in BostonThere are some places she should avoid.
  15. Bullies
    Jewish Hate Crime Via Maple Syrup Is Punished by Jon LovitzHe’s not laughing.
  16. bullies
    MTV Defends The Situation From Abercrombie Bullies“It’s a clever PR stunt,” the network said.
  17. school daze
    Bullying Makes You Popular, But Not the MOST PopularYou need a little niceness to get to the top 2 percent.
  18. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Cyrus, Chace CrawfordPlus: Chace Crawford to play a ‘war-protesting butcher.’
  19. movies
    Watch an Epic Tribute to the Eighties Teen-Movie BullyNerds!
  20. bullies
    Nine Students Charged for Bullying That Led to Girl’s SuicideGroup of Western Massachusetts teenagers accused of “taunting and physical threats” that led to the death.