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  1. bullshit
    Why People Believe Meaningless Bullsh*t“A single particle is the ground of incredible actions.”
  2. bullshit
    Miss America Is the Spray Tan of Scholarship ProgramsJohn Oliver investigates. 
  3. santorumentum
    Santorum Says ‘Real Republicans’ Curse Out ReportersYelling “bullsh-t!” is a badge of honor.
  4. What?
    S.F. Has Fewer Vegetarians/Vegans Than Dallas?Living Social conducted a survey of 200 Living Social users in S.F., so yeah, probably not reliable.
  5. Evil Jay Leno Acts In Evil Way to Pure and True-Hearted Conan StafferSomething that definitely happened, via The National Enquirer: Driving toward the Burbank studio where he shoots The Tonight Show, JAY […]
  6. times square bomb scare
    Faisal Shahzad Signs His Name Like a TerroristAnother red flag overlooked by the authorities.
  7. Endangered
    Freddy’s Continues Fighting for Right to Party As Judge Sentences It toPatrons of Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn say they’ll go to jail before they see their dive demolished.
  8. sorkinfreude
    Morgan Stanley Exec Changes License Plate After No One Finds Joke That FunnyThe owner of a 2BG2FAIL plate downgrades to a more demure MNAGUY.
  9. Peggy Noonan on McCain’s Campaign After Palin Pick: ‘It’s Over’The ‘Journal’ columnist and fellow conservative pundit Mike Murphy were busted badmouthing Sarah Palin’s political chances by an errant MSNBC microphone.