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  1. the industry
    Monica Lewinsky Is Revisiting Her 15 Minutes of Shame in New DocumentaryThe anti-bullying activist is coming to HBO Max.
  2. crime
    White Girls, Aged 10 and 11, Arrested for Attacking Black Classmate on the BusOne of them has been charged with a hate crime in the alleged brutal attack.
  3. Schumer Reminds Trump to #BeBest After ‘Cryin’ Chuck’ TweetFirst Lady Melania Trump launched the oddly named initiative earlier this week, in part to encourage civility on social media.
  4. online harassment
    60 Marines Will Face Punishment Following Nude -Photo-Sharing Scandal130 were investigated.
  5. bullying
    Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans Invite Bullying Victim to Infinity War PremiereMark Hamill (and many, many others) also offered their support after an anti-bullying video posted by the boy’s mother went viral.
  6. online harassment
    Monica Lewinsky’s New Anti-Bullying PSA Is Actually Pretty Moving“It’s a stark and shocking mirror to people to rethink how we behave online.”
  7. Reports of Campus Sexual Assault Have Tripled in the Past DecadeAccording to a new federal report.
  8. Senator Tells High-School Students Some LGBT People Are Asking to Be Bullied“You can be just about anything you want to be, as long as you don’t push it in somebody’s face.”
  9. unpopular opinions
    Zoe Saldana Says People Bullying Donald Trump Led to Much of His SupportBlame, baby, blame.
  10. casual sexism
    New Anti-Hazing Rules in Pro Baseball Means Players Can’t Dress As WomenThe hazing ritual in MLB had often involved rookie players dressing as all sorts of female characters and personalities.
  11. who run the world (girls)
    Tennis Star Madison Keys Wants to Change the World, One Girl at a TimeMadison Keys has a new passion off the court.
  12. from trash to class
    Immortal Technique Is Sorry He Threw Lin-Manuel Miranda in a Trash Can“I wouldn’t want my supporters to get the impression that anyone was trying to normalize childish bullying.”
  13. ye olde trolls
    Sailor Brinkley Cook Urges Trolls to Get Off Their Computers and Chase a SunsetChristie Brinkley’s daughter encouraged internet trolls to stop hating and embrace nature. 
  14. horrible things
    Lawsuit: White Boys Dragged a Black Girl by RopeA new lawsuit alleges the three white sixth graders injured their black classmate and administrators did nothing about it.
  15. bad bosses
    If You’re a Good Employee and Your Boss Still Bullies You, This Could Be WhyBosses who bully high-performing employees may be motivated by different factors than ones who bully low-performing ones.
  16. bullying
    Trump Backs Out of Debate With SandersIt either took four tries for Trump to make up his mind, or he’s been punking Sanders all along.
  17. bullying
    Why Bullying Is a Serious Public-Health ProblemAnd why no one quite knows how to fix it.
  18. Monica Lewinsky Felt Abandoned by Feminists During Clinton ScandalShe felt like everyone’s scapegoat during the Clinton scandal.
  19. bullying
    Want to End Bullying? Get the Popular Students to HelpAn impressive new study points the way toward anti-bullying programs that actually reduce bullying.
  20. quotables
    Prince William: ‘I Am a Prince’He is also very tall.
  21. bullying
    Weight Discrimination Might Be DeadlyJust another sign of the depressing amount of damage that can be done by bullying-related behaviors.
  22. bullying
    Exercise Might Help Mitigate the Effects of BullyingA new study highlights just how helpful exercise is for mental health.
  23. donald trump
    An Expert on Bullying Explains Donald Trump’s Mean, Consequence-Free Rise“They are afraid that he will next target them if they criticize him.”
  24. bullying
    X-Factor New Zealand Judges Fired for BullyingHusband-wife duo Willy Moon and Natalia Kills pulled a very strange stunt. 
  25. beefs
    Deadmau5 and Krewella Tussled Via Twitter Over Internet Shaming, SexismBecause of Krewella’s Billboard op-ed.
  26. bullying
    Mean Boys May Be Just As Common As Mean GirlsGender equality on the mean-rumors and random-social-exclusion fronts.
  27. bullying
    Being Bullied Leaves an Imprint on Kids’ BrainsYet another sign of bullying’s lasting impact.
  28. Acting Like Sexist, Threatening Jerks Not Quite Working Out for UberWill the company’s bullying business practices hurt its bottom line?
  29. How to Get Abusive Bosses to Stop Picking on Defenseless EmployeesAnti-bullying principles can be applied to playground and office alike.
  30. Bullying Confers Benefits, Says Mean New StudyBullies were healthier, even decades later.
  31. the kids are not alright
    A Gossip App Brought My High School to a HaltImagine if everybody you knew in high school could anonymously broadcast the meanest things they ever thought.
  32. interview
    Is It Fair to Compare Feminists to Mean Girls?Forty years later, “Trashing” author Jo Freeman revises her theories.
  33. twitter feminism
    Can Feminist Hashtags ‘Dismantle the State’?Or will feuds dismantle #TwitterFeminism?
  34. quotables
    Katy Perry Proposes Fanciful, Incorrect Definition of BullyingThe pop star wonders if she might be her own personal bully. 
  35. things that are awful
    Bullied Harlem Boy’s Family Sues Over His SuicideThey say the school didn’t discipline his bullies.
  36. internet trends
    A Horrible New Vine Hashtag, and Its Antidote#SmackCam is a depressing new Internet trend.
  37. lady gaga
    Lady Gaga’s Tour Will Offer Free CounselingAnd how does that make you feel, Little Monsters?
  38. Video Feed
    Lunch Lady Loses Her Job for Feeding Needy KidThere is such a thing as a free lunch, but it’ll get you fired.
  39. things that are awful
    Mom Charged With Slapping Daughter’s Bully Says Driver Let Her on the School BusGrandmother joined in the confrontation.
  40. education
    Judge May Award $40,000 to Bullied Girl’s FamilyStudents pushed and tripped the girl “for fun.”
  41. the internet
    Bullied Bus Monitor Having a Hard Time Fathoming $500,000 in DonationsKaren Klein is having the craziest week.
  42. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Blocked Mass. Anti-Bullying GuidePart of his shift on gay issues as governor of Massachusetts.
  43. sad things
    Harlem Boy Commits Suicide After Relentless BullyingHis mother repeatedly tried to stop the abuse.
  44. lgbt
    Even Pat Robertson Says He’s Against Bullying Gay KidsLet’s not give him too much credit, but still!
  45. bully
    Weinsteins Still Quarreling Over R-Rating for Bully DocThe MPAA is unwilling to issue a Weinstein or bullying exception.
  46. bullying
    Watch the Cutest PSA Ever Made About Misusing the Word GayIndeed, misusing the word gay is mean and it’s offensive. KNOCK IT OFF!
  47. school daze
    Calling People ‘Gay’ Still Very Much a Thing in High SchoolIt’s even gay to play basketball now?
  48. Rick Santorum Calls SNL Sketch ‘Bullying’, Hasn’t Actually Seen It Ugh, it is too early in the morning to deal with all this Santorum. According to the man himself, the depiction of Rick Santorum in Saturday’s […]
  49. gays
    Christian Colleges Flummoxed by Continued Existence of Gay StudentsWe’ve still got THOSE here?
  50. obama is a human person
    President Obama Was Bullied, and It Ruined Everything“I did not emerge unscathed.”
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