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Bush V. Gore

  1. vision 2020
    Could State Legislatures Hijack the 2020 Presidential Election?State legislatures directly appointing electors is a more realistic scenario for a coup d’etat than Trump canceling or delaying Election Day.
  2. vision 2020
    California Could Ban Trump From 2020 Primary Unless He Releases Tax ReturnsJerry Brown vetoed a similar bill requiring all candidates to release their tax returns, but Gavin Newsom might sign it.
  3. Editorial Says Gorsuch Questioning of Trump ‘Disheartening’In a plan B for Team Trump if they cannot deny Gorsuch is criticizing the boss, Sun editorial suggests the president has a mandate to ignore courts.
  4. grudges
    Joe Lieberman Not Getting Over Bush v. Gore Anytime Soon“I’ll forever be really angry about the Supreme Court decision and the way it ended.”