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  1. business casual
    13 Really Pretty Dresses to Buy Right NowBecause we’re all sick of winter clothes.
  2. business casual
    9 Pairs of Heels You Can Actually Walk InTo make your commute a little less painful.
  3. business casual
    13 Pairs of Actually Fun Pants You Can Wear to WorkPlaid pants! Yellow pants! Really wide-legged terracotta pants!
  4. business casual
    25 Cute Wrap Dresses You Can Wear to WorkLook pulled-together without having to pull a look together.
  5. business casual
    14 Cardigans for Fighting Aggressive Office Air-ConditioningBecause your flimsy sundress stands no chance of keeping you warm.
  6. business casual
    17 Easy Shirt Dresses You Can Wear to WorkJust in time for warm weather!
  7. business casual
    17 Easy, Stylish Jumpsuits You Can Wear to WorkWhen you want something cooler than a dress.
  8. business casual
    13 Trench Coats for Unpredictable Spring WeatherYou know what they say about April showers.
  9. business casual
    24 Sleek Work-Friendly Pieces for Curvy WomenPulled together options for busy weekdays.
  10. business casual
    10 Non-Boring White Shirts to Wear to WorkTry a portrait neckline, delicate pleats, or puffy sleeves.
  11. business casual
    9 Classic, Practical Work TotesEverybody needs one.
  12. business casual
    10 Cozy Sweater Dresses You Can Wear to WorkBecause these last few weeks of winter are the hardest.
  13. business casual
    8 Structured Work Totes Under $200Because there is a chic and affordable way to hold all your crap.
  14. business casual
    8 Pretty, Printed Blouses Under $125The easiest way to spice up your work wardrobe.
  15. business casual
    9 Stylish and Comfortable Block Heels Under $150Don’t you love it when a trend is this work-appropriate?
  16. business casual
    9 Fall-Friendly Thin Sweaters Under $100Treat them like your favorite T-shirt.
  17. business casual
    Yes, Kitten Heels Are Cool AgainThe grandmotherly shape suddenly feels new.
  18. business casual
    Take Advantage of Fall Weather With a Long-Sleeved DressIt’s a street-style trend that translates to the office.
  19. business casual
    8 Pretty, Silky Blouses for Under $100The perfect complement to your cozy fall sweaters.
  20. business casual
    A Boxy Blazer Makes You Look CoolAnd nothing’s easier to wear.
  21. business casual
    12 Impressive-Looking Bags for Your Next Big MeetingBecause you can’t go in with a sloppy canvas tote.
  22. business casual
    Yes, You Can Wear Wide-Leg Pants to WorkThey’re a nice alternative to skirts.
  23. 9 White Shirts That Are More Interesting Than a Button-downLike your favorite basic, but with a little kick.
  24. business casual
    8 Pairs of Chic Flats Under $150 You Can Wear to WorkYou can wear them to the ground without guilt.
  25. business casual
    Take It From Claire Underwood: A Sheath Dress Commands PowerIt’s her uniform for good reason.
  26. business casual
    9 Comfy Skirts You Won’t Want to Rip Off at the End of the Work DayLet those legs breathe!
  27. business casual
    9 Pairs of Pretty Shoes to Stash in Your Desk for EmergenciesLike the Girl Scouts say, always be prepared.
  28. business casual
    All You Need to Get Through Summer at the Office Is a Good Black DressIt’ll make you looked pulled together through the worst heat and humidity.
  29. business casual
    11 Sleeveless Tops That Still Look ProfessionalNo flimsy camisoles here.
  30. business casual
    11 Sophisticated Work Bags Under $250Because they’re the true workhorses of your closet.
  31. business casual
    A Patterned Skirt Is Your Secret Weapon for Getting Dressed in the SummerAll you need is a simple tank or button-down and you’re good to go.
  32. business casual
    9 Affordable Wrap Dresses That’ll Make Your Mornings EasierThrow it on and you’re dressed for the day.
  33. ahead of the curve
    Here’s Where to Buy Stylish Work Clothes for Curvy WomenMM. LaFleur extended their sizing to fit women who wear 14W to 22W.
  34. business casual
    A Double-breasted Blazer Is Your Weekday Secret WeaponThe one thing to make it look like you have your life together.
  35. business casual
    11 Creative Blouses to Dress Up a Boring Interview OutfitThey’ll give you that extra boost of confidence.
  36. business casual
    Under-$100 Work Blouses That Aren’t WhiteThe best cheap fix for when you’re sick of everything in your closet.
  37. spandex
    Lululemon Is Coming for the Rest of Your ClosetThe brand is going even more upmarket with its Lab concept store.
  38. look of the day
    Rihanna Did Her Best Business CasualA gingham skirt suit!
  39. mondays are hard
    By Friday, Women Lose Interest in Dressing FancyA week in the life of women getting dressed.
  40. wall street
    Goldman Sachs Bankers Exploit Loophole in Dress CodeInvestment bankers struggle with the concept of “business casual.”
  41. the industry
    Industry: Lily Collins, Kellan Lutz, Sam JacksonPlus: T.I.’s album gets a name.