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  1. icymi
    The Cut’s Week in Review, From Scalp Facials to the Princeton MomTen things we learned this week.
  2. trumped!
    Trump Responds Trumply to Unflattering ProfileBy firing an aide who tried to resign.
  3. Jerry Seinfeld on Diversity in Comedy: ‘Who Cares?’ During his Buzzfeed Brews interview with CBS This Morning yesterday, Jerry Seinfeld was asked by Peter Lauria about the predominantly white […]
  4. hillary watch
    Clinton Spokesman Goes Off on BuzzFeed for Asking ‘Inane Questions’They just wanted to know if she’s used a MetroCard.
  5. media spats
    Fired BuzzFeed Writer Did Not Find Termination Letter ‘Cute’But that’s what the affixed Post-it note said.
  6. media
    BuzzFeed Plans to Crowdsource Its Own TranslationBy turning to language students.
  7. the internet
    @Horse_ebooks Is Human After AllAnd friends with Susan Orlean? And BuzzFeed??
  8. media
    Michael Hastings, FBI, WikiLeaks: ConspiraciesThe reporter told friends he was under investigation.
  9. pixel-stained wretches
    CNN Planning to BuzzFeed the NewsA new YouTube channel uses CNN’s content and BuzzFeed’s special sauce.
  10. Read an Exhaustive Oral History of ‘Weird Twitter’“I met a guy named @fart on the Internet and I let him into my apartment and it was actually really great.” -Comedian Jake Fogelnest to […]
  11. the internet
    Did Jose Canseco Just Tweet His Way Into the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?Sure hope so!
  12. internet gold
    Lists + Politics + GIFs = $19.3 Million in Funding for BuzzFeedOMG!
  13. The Internet
    BuzzFeed Launching Its Own Food Section This FallThey’d better not miss the chance to call this thing “BuzzFood.”
  14. blog-stained wretches
    Buzzfeed and the New York Times to Fraternize On-CameraThe old guard and the new guard will pair up for videos from the political conventions.
  15. ink-stained wretches
    Romney Woos Conservative Media, Snubs BuzzfeedLOL. OMG. WTF? FAIL?
  16. blog-stained wretches
    Vaguely Entertaining Media Feud of the DayCopyranter vs. Business Insider.
  17. puppies!!!!!!
    The Truth About Cats and Dogs on the InternetBreaking down the Internet’s animal preferences.
  18. blog-stained wretches
    Gawker Is Egregiously Trolling for Traffic in an Open ExperimentNew editor-in-chief A.J. Daulerio has something to prove.
  19. media
    BuzzFeed Raises $15.5 Million for Ben Smith MakeoverThe website’s board is now full of former Huffington Post execs.
  20. Buzzfeed: The New Species at Iowa’s Media Watering HoleTalking with new editor Ben Smith as he begins to change the site’s identity with Iowa coverage. Plus: Check out the press pass.
  21. Ben Smith Is Moving to BuzzFeedIs this lol, cute, omg, wtf, win, or fail?
  22. Cheap Drinks
    What’s the Cheapest Bar in Boston?Not shockingly, it’s in Allston.
  23. occupy people magazine
    There’s Another Group of Protestors Occupying People Magazine’s OfficeThey’re not happy about the Sexiest Man of the Year.