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By The Numbers

  1. vulture lists
    Hannah Horvath’s Highs and Lows, by the NumbersFreelance pieces Hannah has published, that we know of: 6.
  2. vulture lists
    ‘Oldchella’ by the Numbers: The Total Ages, Awards, Fees, and MoreThe lineup can boast of 73 platinum albums and 14 divorces.
  3. by the numbers
    A Sobering Look at Sex Abuse in Private SchoolsYou should know these numbers.
  4. vulture lists
    Gilmore Girls’ Pop-Culture References, by the NumbersBecause every Amy Sherman-Palladino fan has found herself wondering just how many movie references Lorelai and Rory squeezed into their fast-talking repartee.
  5. by the numbers
    Leah Remini’s Scientology Book by the NumbersShe has given around $5 million to the Church of Scientology in her life.
  6. by the numbers
    Everyone Is Already Freaking Out Over the 2016 Election PollsPoll data has become increasingly unreliable, yet campaigns will depend on it more than ever in 2016. Just ask the Republicans who won’t be on that debate stage Thursday night.
  7. by the numbers
    Ratings: So-So Return for FX’s The AmericansMeanwhile, ABC’s Mixology is pretty much dead on arrival.
  8. fame-o-nomics
    Fame by the Numbers: Royal Baby vs. Kimye Baby vs. Everyone Else’s BabiesQuantifying fame.
  9. by the numbers
    By the Numbers: The Hunger Games Publicity MachineAnd boy are they big numbers.
  10. all things green
    New York City’s Blood Runs GreenToday, anyway. 
  11. By the Numbers
    Meatball Shop Grinds 56,888 Pounds of MeatAnd sells 455,000 balls per year.
  12. Recessionomics
    Delicatessen by the Numbers: 1,749 Cocktails, 300 Sliders, 4 Pork LoinsWhat customers ordered during a single week.