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  1. shopping
    Costco Still Doesn’t Trust America With Its Sheet CakesAt least 601 Americans, however, want them back.
  2. very online
    Everything Is Cake NowA viral video showing people cutting into household items to reveal they are in fact cake has many people questioning their grip on reality.
  3. let them eat cake!
    A Christian School Allegedly Expelled a Student Over Her Rainbow Birthday CakeKimberly Alford says her 15-year-old daughter was “dismissed” over a photo of her blowing out candles on her rainbow birthday cake.
  4. whoops
    So That’s Why You Don’t Fly With a Suitcase Full of Cake MixAbout the “huge drugs bust” at Gatwick Airport this week…
  5. metaphysics
    Let Her Eat (Half a) CakeA Texas Walmart banned a woman for eating half a cake in the store, and then refusing to pay the full price.
  6. hot shot
    Behold, Jonathan Cheban With a Cake of His FaceJonathan Cheban was spotted with a cake shaped like a human head (his own).
  7. sweet tooth
    This Cake Tastes How Vacation FeelsThe Tropical Layer Cake from Pilar Cuban Bakery showcases coconut, mango, guava, and passion fruit.
  8. lawsuits
    Baker Who Refused Cake to Gay Couple Is Still Refusing CakesJack Phillips is suing the state of Colorado for being sanctioned after discriminating against a transgender woman.
  9. over easy
    Is This Cake Worthy of My Dog?Baking for the love of my life.
  10. culture
    Did a Malevolent Witch Make Duchess Camilla’s Birthday Cake?What was the motivation behind these dried carrot fingers?
  11. cake gaffes
    Publix Refuses to Print ‘Cum’ on Summa Cum Laude Graduate’s CakeThe store offered to remake it, but the kid’s mom said, “No, you only graduate once.”
  12. let bey eat cake
    Here’s How Much Beyoncé’s Birthday Cake Cost (Hint: It’s a Lot)It cost at least $3,500.
  13. The Absolute Best Cakes in New YorkAll cake is good, but some are markedly better. And these are the very best.
  14. Help ‘The Daily Show’ Figure Out What to Do With Donald Trump’s […]The Daily Show now has a very interesting item in their possession, and they’re turning to fans to figure out what, exactly, to do with it. […]
  15. the dish
    Acclaimed Pastry Chef Karen DeMasco is Back to Baking at HearthThe master of homespun cakes and cookies is milling her own flour and banishing white sugar.
  16. swellness
    Of Course This CrossFit Couple’s Wedding Cake Was PaleoThey got married at Saturday’s CrossFit Games.
  17. cooking with chris hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth’s Biceps Baked His Daughter a Birthday CakeThey’re naturals in the kitchen.
  18. Takes the Cake
    Get Ready for Two More Patti LaBelle Desserts at WalmartThe supermarket hopes “Patti cakes” will go as viral as her sweet-potato pie.
  19. pride rock
    Not Even Cake Is Free From Drake’s InfluenceEverything the light touches is Drake’s kingdom.
  20. weekend box office
    American Sniper Has Brought in More Than $200 Million at the Box OfficeWelcome to America.
  21. movie review
    Jennifer Aniston Goes Drab in This Deflated CakeAlso co-starring Anna Kendrick as a ghost.
  22. do your thing jen
    Classic Interview With a Very … Out of It Jennifer AnistonFrom the Just Go With It press tour.
  23. doing it for the role
    How 9 Beautiful Stars Got Hideous to Play Regular-Looking PeopleJunk food, oh my! 
  24. The Dish
    Christina Tosi’s Cranberry-Gingerbread CakeA six-inch “gingerbread house meets cranberry pie ” that evokes festivities without trying to compete with anyone’s grandma.
  25. trailer mix
    See Jennifer Aniston Go Full Theron in the Trailer for CakeThis is her Monster.
  26. toronto film festival 2014
    Jennifer Aniston Looks Like Hell in Cake, and That Is the PointHer gritty, “ugly” indie movie premieres at Toronto.
  27. Clear The Air
    Let’s Talk About This Cake Batter That Comes in a Spray CanThe country’s fine-dining kitchens already use sprayable cake batter.
  28. Video Feed
    This Mathematician Thinks He’s Discovered a Better Way to Cut CakeYou’ll have to figure out how to eat it, too, though.
  29. bad ideas
    Columbia Served Sexual Violence Prevention CakeUnsurprisingly, no one ate it and it was promptly removed.
  30. Cake
    Watch a Woman Decorate a Cake on the Subway and Serve Slices to Passengers“Can I have one of the small slices?”
  31. casting couch
    Jennifer Aniston Cast in Drama CakeFrom a Black List script from Patrick Tobin.
  32. wonder soup
    Macarons for All: Introducing the Marie Antoinette DietIntroducing “wonder soup.” 
  33. Bill Cunningham’s Birthday Cake Iced With LouboutinsHappy 84th.
  34. ‘30 Rock’ Wraps Production with Tracy Morgan Singing Songs from ‘Thriller’ The 30 Rock cast and crew finished shooting the series finale Wednesday night after working together on seven seasons of the […]
  35. Cake
    Maison Kayser Rolls Out the King CakeExpect more baguettes in 2013.
  36. gagapalooza
    Lady Gaga Had Her Cake, Ate It, and Then Rolled Around in the Leftover FrostingNeedless to say, Terry Richardson filmed it all.
  37. game of thrones
    Check Out a Game of Thrones CakeWelcome to the house of nom nom nom!
  38. tim burton
    Check Out a Tim Burton–Inspired Caketrope, or Cake Plus ZoetropeSomewhere, even Tim Burton is like, “WTF?”
  39. ron swanson
    Check Out a Delicious-Looking Ron Swanson CakeThe mustache is the best part.
  40. cake?
    Watch Cake’s Video for ‘The Winter’Hooray for group effort!
  41. quotables
    Karlie Kloss Has Her Cake and Eats It, TooGood for her.
  42. 42
    Bill Clinton Is a Tyrant When He Wants Cake“Clinton was pounding on the table and shouting, ‘I want my goddamned cake.’”
  43. cake?
    Alber Elbaz Had a Much Better Birthday This Year Than Last YearKim Hastreiter was the D.J.!
  44. Watch Cake’s Animated Video for ‘Long Time’Everything is better with a monkey.
  45. status cuomo
    Andrew Cuomo Eats New YorkFor his birthday.