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Call Of Duty

  1. heartbreak
    Love Is Dead: Pro Gamer Dumps ‘World’s Sexiest Weathergirl’ for Call of DutyWhy do bad things happen to beautiful internet celebs?
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    Deadly Call of Duty Swatting Caller Charged With ManslaughterThe whole incident was reportedly over a $2 bet with another player.
  3. select all
    Call of Duty Swatting ‘Prank’ Apparently Kills a BystanderThe whole thing was reportedly over a $2 bet.
  4. video games
    Kit Harington to Play Call of Duty VillainHarington will play the face of the enemy faction.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Call of Duty Loser Sparks Long Island Hostage HoaxA gamer reported that his opponent had murdered his family.
  6. music
    Trent Reznor Composing Call of Duty Theme SongHe loves multiplayer.
  7. Time It Took Charlie Sheen to Get a Million Twitter Followers, and Other TriviaTwenty-five hours and seventeen minutes, to be exact.
  8. Mediavore
    World’s Fattest Mom Changes Course; Salt Raises Its ProfileDonna Simpson vows to lose weight, as long as the cameras stay on.