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Calvin And Hobbes

  1. Donald Trump Is CalvinDonald Trump makes a very convincing cartoon character.
  2. This Artist Made Calvin and Hobbes 3-D, and It’s BeautifulGabriel de Laubier turned Bill Watterson’s iconic comic strip into an interactive experience.
  3. Calvin, Hobbes, Twitter, and CopyrightThere is a battle going on between good and evil – right at the nexus between art and commerce, between the old way and the new, between […]
  4. Here’s Bill Watterson’s First Cartoon in 19 YearsThe elusive man behind Calvin and Hobbes has given his first on-camera interview and published his first cartoon in nearly two decades. […]
  5. ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Creator Bill Watterson Gave His First Interview in […]Notoriously private Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson has given his first interview in years with Mental Floss magazine, where he talked […]
  6. Watch a Trailer for the ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Documentary ‘Dear Mr. […] Here’s the trailer for Dear Mr. Watterson, an upcoming documentary exploring the impact of Bill Watterson’s 1985-1995 comic strip Calvin & […]
  7. Here’s What a ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Animated Series Would Look Like Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Waterston has always been vehemently opposed to turning his beloved comic strip into an animated series - or […]
  8. breaking bad
    Read Breaking CalvinMeth: the ‘toon!
  9. face off
    Clint and Invisible Obama: A Good Comedy Team?Do they make a better half-visible duo than Calvin and Hobbes? Elwood and Harvey the rabbit?
  10. Leave Bill Watterson AloneDear Mr. Watterson is a documentary project that explores cartoonist Bill Watterson, his timeless comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, and their […]
  11. Troy & Abed Star as Calvin & Hobbes in Upcoming Feature The Best T-Shirt […]You only have a few hours left to purchase a shirt featuring Calvin-Troy and Hobbes-Abed hanging out in a blanket fort for $10. Unless you are […]
  12. community
    See Troy and Abed’s Dope Adventures, a Community-Inspired Take on Calvin and HobbesTroy and Abed: now even cuter!
  13. Calvin and Hobbes and the Trouble with NostalgiaMy Calvin and Hobbes anthologies sat unread at home on the highest shelf of my parents’ living room bookcase for almost ten years. My father […]
  14. clickables
    See the Calvin & HobbesFight Club Theory Made Real, FinallyWhoa.
  15. recluses
    Bill Watterson Speaks, FinallyThe cartoonist’s first interview in twenty years: “Ah, the life of a newspaper cartoonist — how I miss the groupies, drugs and trashed hotel rooms!”
  16. cars
    That Weird Obsessive Car-Brand Loyalty Might Be FadingWhat will Calvin pee on next?
  17. vulture lists
    10 Made-up Sports We Wish the Olympics AdoptedForget team handball, modern pentathlon, and the 400-meter individual medley — how about skeet surfing?
  18. the early-evening news
    The Vatican Gives Two Thumbs Down to ‘The Golden Compass’Plus: Bill Watterson, The Hobbit sequel, and Michel Gondry’s next project.
  19. news reel
    ‘Wall Street Journal’ Somehow Tracks Down Bill WattersonIs this the first anyone’s heard from Watterson since 1995?
  20. vulture lists
    15 Most Dynamic Duos in Pop Culture HistoryWho are the best buddies of all time — in movies, literature, TV, and music?
  21. tube junkie
    The Closest We Might Ever Come to a ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Movie