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  1. role call
    Miffy Englefield Answers Every Question We Have About The Holiday The actress recalls Mr. Napkin Head, how the movie helped pull her family out of debt, and the last time she heard from Jude Law.
  2. nancy meyers week
    Cameron Diaz Remembers Running in Heels Through the Snow for The Holiday“Oh, girl. I was running, like, seven miles a day in heels. That whole scene took a week to shoot. That wasn’t even in the script.”
  3. and i goop!
    Cameron Diaz Tells Gwyneth Paltrow She Feels ‘a Peace’ Now“I know you understand it.”
  4. roll clip!
    Cameron Diaz’s First Acting Role in Years Is Sucker Punching Our FacesOuch.
  5. babies
    Cameron Diaz Had a Baby!And she’s apparently ‘RAD.’
  6. miss you
    Cameron Diaz Might Stay in Acting Purgatory to Create Her Own Goop“I don’t miss performing.”
  7. lucy liu
    Lucy Liu Talks Diversity at the Hollywood Walk of Fame“I just wanted to act. I didn’t see any difference between myself and the mainstream world I lived in.”
  8. put this on your face
    There’s Now a CBD Sheet MaskFrom Beboe, and beloved by Cameron Diaz.
  9. romcoms
    The Story Behind Cameron Diaz’s Cringeworthy My Best Friend’s Wedding KaraokeThe moment is iconic for being both awkward and adorable.
  10. weddings
    Gwyneth Paltrow Is Probably Married Right NowSo you have three months from tonight to get her a gift.
  11. retiring
    Selma Blair Says She Was Just Joking About Cameron Diaz Retiring From ActingBlair launched the rumors early Monday with an interview to MetroNews.
  12. An Actual Bad Teacher Explains Why ‘Bad Teacher’ Is the Truest Teaching […]Though it pulled in over $200 million on a $20 million budget, Jake Kasdan’s raunchy 2011 comedy Bad Teacher is nobody’s idea of a masterpiece. […]
  13. go goop or go home
    Can You Survive a Day With Goop?$500 for a ticket to the Goop wellness conference.
  14. hairy situations
    25 Famous Women on Waxing and ShavingHow Rihanna, Emma Watson, Eva Longoria, and more deal with body hair.
  15. wellness theories
    Cameron Diaz on Water, Aging, and Those Body-Hair Comments “Aging really is your responsibility.”
  16. eternal sunshine
    Cameron Diaz Remembers NothingWho did Cameron Diaz previously date? She doesn’t know.
  17. and the winner is…
    Kirk Cameron Sweeps the RazziesCongratulations?
  18. reckonings
    Time to Acknowledge That Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Have a RelationshipA celebrity pairing that didn’t go away, is imminently official. 
  19. miss hannigan
    Why Won’t the New Annie Let Miss Hannigan Be Evil?The villain was robbed of her villainy.
  20. ‘SNL’ Review: A Step Back with Cameron DiazWell, that didn’t last long. Just one week after seemingly proclaiming its transitional era to be over, SNL reaffirmed viewers’ perennial […]
  21. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Cameron Diaz Is a Back-Home BallerShe crushed it.
  22. party pics
    Gwyneth Paltrow Partied in a Crop Top With Tracy Anderson Plus, pictures of Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, multiple Jenners, and more at this week’s parties.
  23. Cameron Diaz and Bobby Moynihan Buddy Up in These ‘SNL’ PromosCameron Diaz is hosting SNL this week for the first time in nearly ten years with musical guests Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. NBC just released […]
  24. snl promos
    Cameron Diaz’s Saturday Night Live Promos Are PicturesqueFeaturing Bobby Moynihan saying “pasta” funny!
  25. hosts with the mosts
    Cameron Diaz Will Host SNLWith Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars as musical guests.
  26. Cameron Diaz to Host ‘SNL’ November 22ndSNL just added another returning host for this season. THR reports that Cameron Diaz is officially set to host SNL’s Thanksgiving episode on […]
  27. in memory
    Oscar de la Renta’s Most Iconic Red-Carpet GownsSarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, and so many more.
  28. choices
    25 Famous Women on ChildlessnessGloria Steinem, Condoleezza Rice, Stevie Nicks, and more on the decision not to have kids.
  29. career advice
    Why Can’t Cameron Diaz Make a Good Movie?Sex Tape is only her latest misfire.
  30. our bodies ourselves
    Everything You Need to Know About Your Body, by Cameron Diaz“Pubes keep the goods private …”
  31. it’s all relative
    Hollywood Female Stars, Arranged by HeightFeaturing tiny Melissa McCarthy and towering Cameron Diaz, among others.
  32. it’s vintage
    From Beads to Plastic: 50 Celebrities in ChokersFrom Beyoncé to Princess Diana.
  33. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann Have a Gigglefest on ‘Late Night’If you’re unsure whether or not Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann have good comedic chemistry together in their new movie The Other Woman, look no […]
  34. movie review
    Movie Review: The Other WomanStarring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton.
  35. last night on late night
    Watch: How Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann Pranked a Sleeping Kate UptonCastmate shenanigans!
  36. The Other Woman Will No Longer Be Rated RSorry, there won’t be Kate Upton nudity.
  37. dressing down
    The Cult of the Fashion OverallPrincess Diana, Sarah Jessica Parker, Miley Cyrus, and more celebrities who have worn overalls.
  38. Here’s the Trailer for Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel’s New Movie, ‘Sex Tape’ How I Met Your Mother may have ended last night, but you’ll be seeing Jason Segel in things again soon enough. This is the first trailer for […]
  39. trailer mix
    Watch the Red-Band Sex Tape TrailerNever, ever, ever sync your iPad.
  40. not true
    Cameron Diaz Knows Someone Will Cheat on YouTough love.
  41. duck it’s naomi
    Naomi Campbell Talked Elegantly About Kegels“I would call that more Kama Sutra.”
  42. friends
    Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon Are Making Pasta in NapaPretty good cast.
  43. trailer mix
    Prepare to Be Charmed by the New Annie TrailerBlink and you’ll miss Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan.
  44. euphemisms
    Cameron Diaz’s Life Work is Vagina EuphemismsMixed metaphors aplenty.
  45. popularity contests
    Drew Barrymore’s ‘I Spy’ Book Is a Best SellerSo is Cameron Diaz’s book about anatomy. 
  46. our bodies ourselves
    The Tao of Diaz: 10 Things Dr. Cameron Teaches Us About Our BodiesBig Sis Cam tells you everything you maybe already knew about your vagina.
  47. no such thing as tmi
    Cameron Diaz Comes Out As Pro-Pubes in New BookThere’s an entire section dedicated to bush.
  48. trailer mix
    The Other Woman Trailer: Cameron Diaz’s Wives ClubHey, it’s Jamie Lannister.
  49. how’s martha stewart living?
    Martha Stewart vs. Gwyneth Paltrow, Round 2Oh, it is on, Gwynie.
  50. cult goop
    Cameron Diaz Is Writing a Goopy-Sounding Self-Help BookIt probably involves gluten-hating.
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