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  1. varsity blues scandal
    How the College Admissions Ring Explains 21st-Century American Capitalism“Human capital” is at the center of our economy. Thanks to Rick Singer, we now know its going rate.
  2. just asking questions
    A Long Talk With Kirsten GillibrandThe New York senator on the NRA, Al Franken, and the line between capitalism and greed.
  3. just asking questions
    Shoshana Zuboff Talks Surveillance Capitalism’s Threat to DemocracyThe Harvard Business School professor discusses what she believes is a new mode of capitalism being ushered in by Silicon Valley.
  4. conservatism
    Why Tucker Carlson Plays a Critic of Capitalism on TVCapital flight — and “woke” consumer brands — have become a visceral threat to white, rural America’s traditional values.
  5. politics
    Capitalism Is Ruining Your Sex LifeA conversation with Kristen Ghodsee, the author of Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism.
  6. socialism
    Are Democratic Voters Abandoning Capitalism for Socialism?Many Democrats find positive feelings toward socialism compatible with fondness toward small business and free enterprise. So do many millennials.
  7. American Capitalism Can No Longer Afford to Let Workers Retire in DignityWhile political elites warn that Social Security will “bankrupt the country,” the bankruptcy rate among America’s elderly is soaring.
  8. Yanis Varoufakis Has Some Ideas About How to Save the FutureGreece’s former finance minister talks about capitalism, his own failures, and how liberal democracies should emulate China.
  9. Why America’s Version of Capitalism Is Incompatible With DemocracyTo restore our democracy after Trump, we will need to reduce the material inequalities that were eroding popular sovereignty long before his rise.
  10. select all
    Glitch Capitalism: How Cheating AIs Explain Our Stagnant PresentAmerican society has come to follow the same logic as glitch-hunting AIs, and in the process become vulnerable to huge inequalities and injustices.
  11. new age
    Even Rich Businessmen Are Obsessed With Healing Crystals Now“If I’m on the phone with a client, I’ll hold the crystal — a citrine — to connect to its energy.”
  12. chat room
    How to Be More Fabulously Radical in 2017, According to Fran Drescher“Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep.”
  13. cut cover story
    Etsy’s Dream of a Shiny, Post-Capitalist (and Post-Profit) WorkplaceThe company wants to crochet its cake and eat it too.
  14. imagine no possessions
    A Lock of John Lennon’s Hair Sold for $35KThe 4-inch lock of hair was cut in 1967.
  15. select all
    It Really Doesn’t Matter What Apple’s Motivations Are — Idealistic or OtherwiseOne way or another, the company’s actions will align with its financial interests.
  16. yum
    Arby’s Sent Jon Stewart Lunch When He Was MeanAh, the beefy taste of capitalism.
  17. brain-dead fortnight
    What’s a Good Side Hustle If You’re a Rich Kid?Probably making hashtag necklaces.
  18. capitalism
    Horrible Dudes Selling Ebola.com for $150,000They also own BirdFlu.com.
  19. Capitalism
    Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on Conscious Capitalism and the ‘Fascism’Corporations aren’t all that bad, he says.
  20. america!
    Rich People Will Get a Better View of NYC Fourth of July FireworksAmerica!
  21. occupy wall street
    There Are Occupy Wall Street CondomsSay goodbye to the next generation.
  22. capitalism
    They Are No Longer Just Faking American Electronics in ChinaThey’re faking whole retail experiences.
  23. inappropriate things to say to presidents
    NBC News Anchor Purchases ‘Hottie With a Smokin’ Little Body’ Domain NameTurn the timeless phrase into your own perverted website.
  24. toxic asshats
    Goldman’s Jonathan Egol Helped the Firm Short Its Own ClientsWhile pure capitalists might appreciate the genius of this maneuver, on a human level it seems like an uncool thing to do.
  25. Food Politics
    Mario Batali’s Health-Care PlanThe chef thinks Big Pharma should take a page from the restaurant industry.
  26. made-off
    Alexandra Story Was Embarassed to Be Named As Madoff VictimBut not so embarrassed that she wouldn’t pose for the ‘Post’.
  27. news reel
    Russell Simmons’s Crazy Koans