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    Dwayne Johnson Needs to Find His Own James CameronIf he wants to follow in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s footsteps, it’s time to work with a better director.
  2. career advice
    10 Phone Interview Tips to Make a Lasting ImpressionAdvice from a workplace expert.
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    How I Get It Done: Bookstore Owner Sarah McNallyThe owner of famed New York bookstore on her early morning routine, why she’s stopped reading newspapers and the importance of a good pen.
  4. how i get it done
    How the Founder of Millennial Wedding-Registry Start-up Zola Gets It All DoneOn journaling twice a day, the stress of growing your business, and how she can count bachelorette parties as “market research.”
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    Ask Polly: I Hate All Jobs!You aren’t wrong that offices can be miserable.
  6. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey, Finery Co-foundersBrooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey on SoulCycle, beauty essentials, and going into business with your best friend.
  7. How the Co-Founder and Global Editor-in-Chief of Refinery29 Gets Things DoneChristene Barberich on the importance of staying confident, her complicated morning routine, and the one thing she never leaves home without.
  8. work bitch
    Career Advice From a High-Powered BusinessladyOn the release day of Ivanka Trump’s Women Who Work, I, a high-powered businesslady, have some advice to give, too.
  9. What It’s Like to Be an Art Curator for Creative TimeOn speaking directly with the communities you work in, reading the work of your colleagues, and hoping dire times will inspire great art.
  10. how i get it done
    What It’s Like to Be a Stuntwoman on EmpireOn being covered in bruises, why she’ll never agree to an underwater scene, and why stunt work is easier for men.
  11. unsolocited advice
    7 Suggestions for Adele’s Future As a Performer If She Never Wants to Tour AgainHeed our unsolicited advice, Adele.
  12. how i get it done
    What It’s Like to Be a Professional Travel WriterOn never leaving home without a pair of slippers, the hell that is tax season, and how she tries to blend in wherever she goes.
  13. how i get it done
    How the Founder of a Pro-Diversity Tech Start-up Gets Everything DoneOn refusing to drink Soylent, what a typical pitch meeting looks like, and working through the night.
  14. How Fashion Designer Eileen Fisher Gets Everything DoneOn employing one mantra to reduce stress, logging off on the weekends, and how being the boss has changed her.
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    How a Tarot-Card Reader to the Stars Spends Her DayOn sleeping like a monk, staying in touch with nature, and how she talks to non-believers.
  16. How a Top Chef: Just Desserts Pastry Chef and Cookbook Author Spends Her DayOn building in a cappuccino break every day, letting her mind wander, and why cookbooks help her stay inspired.
  17. How We Get It Done: Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, Founders of theSkimmOn five-minute intervals to stress, traveling with a uniform, and learning how to divide and conquer.
  18. How Fashion Designer Kate Spade Gets Everything DoneOn making it in fashion, why being a mother is the most important job in the world, and drinking Diet Pepsi to wake up.
  19. how i get it done
    How the CEO and Co-Founder of Blavity Gets Things DoneOn knowing when to put her phone down, gaining stress weight, and seeing opportunity in everything.
  20. taking care of business
    7 Tips From a Civil-Rights Attorney on How to Get a Job in Public ServiceAn interview with Maya Wiley, former legal counsel to Bill de Blasio, professor at New School, and chairwoman for the Civilian Complaint Review Board.
  21. what's in a name?
    Are You Beyoncé Beyoncé or Just Regular Beyoncé?Name doppelgängers lead to so much anxiety.
  22. career advice
    Why a Business Wig Is Your Best Negotiating ToolWho needs Lean In when we have Nicki?
  23. career advice
    5 Ways Kelly Clarkson Can Improve Her CareerWe’ve got your back, Kelly!
  24. career advice
    Bill Murray Should Hire an Agent AlreadyIs being so unreachable hurting his career? 
  25. career advice
    5 Tips for Tina Fey on Becoming a Movie StarBecause Admission and This Is Where I Leave You aren’t gonna cut it.
  26. career advice
    Why Can’t Cameron Diaz Make a Good Movie?Sex Tape is only her latest misfire.
  27. career advice
    Former General Stanley McChrystal Can Relate to Unemployed LinkedIn ReadersSo he wrote a column about making the most of his “career curveball.”
  28. career advice
    Your Career Is a Rolling WaveAdvice from CEO of DreamWorks Stacey Snider. 
  29. fairy jobmothers
    Turns Out, Mika Brzezinski Is Actually a Fairy GodmotherOne wave of her powerful scepter and people get jobs.
  30. career advice
    Beverly Johnson Had to Type Before She ModeledCrawl before you ball.
  31. career advice
    6 Things Will Smith Can Learn From Tom CruiseTwo similar A-listers … with similar problems.
  32. career advice
    Five Career Moves Katie Holmes Should Make Next (But Will She?)Get thee to a Dawson’s Creek reunion on Fallon, miss.
  33. career advice
    Bloomberg: Maybe Spitzer Should Just VolunteerThe mayor thinks the former governor should take it slow.
  34. career counseling
    How to Distance Yourself From Your Former Employer, the Famous LiarObfuscate, cover up, whitewash — just lie, basically — advises a career counselor.