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Carlos Santana

  1. activism
    How 87-Year-Old Labor Rights Activist Dolores Huerta Avoids Feeling DefeatedDolores Huerta was left out of the labor movement’s history. Now, thanks to a new documentary, that’s about to change.
  2. apologies
    Carlos Santana Apologizes for Saying Beyoncé Is ‘Not a Singer-Singer’“My intent was to congratulate Adele on her amazing night.”
  3. festivals
    Rock, Williams, Legend Set for Human-Rights FestPlus Carlos Santana and Dave Matthews.
  4. ’tis the season to be broke
    Macy’s Is in the Hole But Relaunches Tommy Hilfiger ChildrenswearThe CEO insists 2009 will be a profitable year.
  5. gossipmonger
    The Clintons Deny Slacking on Obama Because He Wouldn’t Promise Hillary the SupremesBut that’s what people are saying! And isn’t Cindy Adams prescient? And more, in the gossip roundup.
  6. in other news
    Santana Will Not Stop Loving Eliot Spitzer, Despite His Evil WaysIt’s time for the healing over Eliot Spitzer’s betrayal to begin. Carlos Santana shepherds the people of New York toward acceptance.
  7. in the magazine
    What to Watch During the Writers Strike: The Twenty Funniest Web Videos of 2007, and More!Who needs real TV?