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  1. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Celebrity Tweets of CarmageddonIt was the summer of 2011, a ten-mile stretch of the 405 freeway in L.A. was closed for construction, and celebrities were asked to spread the news.
  2. clickables
    See a Carmageddon Dinner Party Held on the Actual 405 FreewayVulture does not condone holding dinner parties on shut-down Los Angeles freeways, but it does look awfully delightful.
  3. carmageddon
    Los Angelenos Taking ‘Carmageddon’ in StrideNo pileups, crazed motorists, nor mass riots to report. Yet.
  4. Freebies
    Pre-Carmageddon, Ben & Jerry’s Offers Free Scoops at Howard Hughes CenterWill free ice cream be able to tempt you off the road tonight?
  5. Mediavore
    McDonald’s Playlands Breed Germs; Mitrice Richardson’s Body ExhumedAn investigation reveals meningitis and gonorrhea at the kid-friendly stomping grounds. And here everyone was worried about Happy Meals!
  6. User’s Guide
    How to Prepare Your Carmageddon Survival ToolkitIn which our editor wonders what will help him keep his sanity while stuck in a hellish scape of gridlock.
  7. Beer Me
    Tender Greens Offers Booze to Ease Car-Mageddon PainsDuring the 405 Freeway shut-down, all drafts will be on sale at all locations for $4.05.