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  1. hillary watch
    The Meaning of Hillary’s Promise to ‘Hug It Out’As Ari Gold taught us, the point is to show the world that you are aggressively getting along.
  2. Rob Lowe Explains Why Chris Traeger Is Literally the Best at Saying […]Vulture visited the set of Parks & Recreation and was able to corner Rob Lowe and ask him about his character’s unlikely catchphrase: “I […]
  3. the voice of the yankees
    It’s Like John Sterling Isn’t Even Trying Anymore“That’s a very Wise man” is not Sterling’s best work.
  4. the voice of the yankees
    What Will John Sterling’s Catchphrase for Raul Ibanez Be?We think he’ll use alliteration.
  5. You Should Definitely Yell ‘You can do eeeet!’ at Adam SandlerHere’s Aziz Ansari on people’s habits of yelling catchphrases at comedians: “When we were doing Funny People, they were like, ‘You know, if you […]
  6. the voice of the yankees
    Wait, One of John Sterling’s Catchphrases Is a Reference to a Black Panther’s Rallying Cry?“Bern, baby, Bern.”
  7. clickables
    Watch the Tamar Braxton ‘Hotmess.org’ Mash-UpIt’s the Truth.com
  8. downsides
    The Perils of Being Verizon’s ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ GuyPeople pick inconsiderate times to utter your catchphrase.
  9. the voice of the yankees
    The Seven Types of John Sterling Home-Run CallsThey range from simple rhymes to elaborate productions involving Broadway lyrics and sometimes even actual singing.