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  1. crime
    A Teen Allegedly Murdered Her Best Friend for a Stranger She Met OnlinePolice say the man posed as a millionaire and offered the girl $9 million to record the murder.
  2. l'amour
    Dina Lohan’s Boyfriend Will FaceTime Her to Prove He’s Not a CatfishThey’ve been together for five years, but have never met.
  3. it's complicated
    Befriending the Woman Who Catfished Me“Ryan,” who I had met online and grown close with, didn’t exist. But still, I couldn’t cut the relationship out of my life.
  4. catfishing
    Chris Pratt Says a ‘Pervy’ Imposter Is Messaging His Female FansThe actor sent out a warning on Instagram.
  5. select all
    The Sad Truth Behind the Viral Internet Story of Sanjay and DurgeshLast week, the Meme Ballad of Sanjay and Durgesh went viral, but the real story is much, much darker.
  6. deception
    This Is the Most Incredible Catfishing Story We’ve Ever HeardThe woman who met and fell in love with the male model from the pictures meant to scam her.
  7. fashions
    If You’ve Never Seen the Top of Your Date’s Head, He Might Be Hatfishing YouWhere is the line between deception and personal style?
  8. catfishing
    Josh Duggar Sued by the Man Whose Profile Picture He Used on Ashley MadisonCatfishing has its consequences.
  9. horrible things
    Tech Writer Accused of Catfishing Women Into Having Sex Allegedly Raped 3 OthersHe has yet to be interviewed by police.
  10. crime
    History Teacher Sentenced After Trying to Lure Girls for SexHe posted an ad on Craiglist.
  11. crime
    Chemistry Teacher Allegedly Posed As a Porn Star to Catfish Students for SextsGloria Allred has filed three lawsuits against the school.
  12. select all
    I Catfished My High School and Loved ItI invented catfishing before Catfish.
  13. Data Suggests That the Men of Ashley Madison Were Chatting With Fake WomenFake women, but real Ashley Madison employees.
  14. Accused Terrorist Says He Was Just ‘Chasing Women on the Internet’Federal prosecutors, on the other hand, believe he took part in a failed Al Qaeda plot to bomb England, Denmark, and New York City.
  15. Catfishing
    This Restaurant Paid $16K for a 500-Pound Endangered CatfishIt took ten struggling men to haul the nearly extinct species inside.
  16. technology
    The DEA Is Catfishing Drug Dealers on FacebookWithout permission.
  17. vintage chick lit
    What Sexting Was Like in the Victorian EraAn 1880 novel describes romance by telegraph. 
  18. catfishing
    NFL Still Trying to Figure Out Which Guys Are GayManti Te’o may have started a witch hunt.
  19. language skills
    How to Tweet Like a GirlCatfishing 101.