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  1. sigh
    Someone Needs to Tell the Celebs to StopGuess who’s getting naked for … democracy … ?
  2. operation varsity blues
    Lori Loughlin’s Bail Reduced to Two USC TuitionsOr, a street value of $100,000.
  3. celebs
    Are Chris Evans and Lily James Hooking Up or What?The two were spotted sharing a cab back to Chris’s hotel in London and eating ice cream in a park the next day.
  4. black lives matter
    White Celebrities Take Responsibility for Racism the Only Way They Know HowWith a montage video.
  5. fashion du jour
    9 Upsetting Anna Wintour Stories in André Leon Talley’s Memoir“Simple human kindness. No, she is not capable.”
  6. art du jour
    Ben Affleck Breaks His Silence on Lying About His Back Tattoo“It felt invasive.”
  7. obits
    John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, and More Mourn the Death of Terry Jones“Two down, four to go.”
  8. modern love
    Life Imitates Parent Trap: Dennis Quaid Is Engaged to a 26-Year-OldNext thing you know, a lizard will crawl into her mouth.
  9. say cheese
    Gaze Upon Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Poreless Wedding-Booth PhotosGood lighting.
  10. operation varsity blues
    Felicity Huffman’s Daughter Is Reportedly Retaking Her (Scam-Free) SATsWithout, uh, any extra help.
  11. facts
    Jon Cryer Wasn’t a Virgin When He Slept With Demi Moore, He Was Just Bad at Sex“I’m sure she was totally justified making that assumption based on my skill level.”
  12. exes
    Ashton Kutcher Should Probably Avoid Reading Demi Moore’s MemoirAmong other tidbits, she says he cajoled her into participating in threesomes.
  13. debra & donald
    Donald Trump Still Pretty Bummed That Debra Messing Hates HimThey’re feuding on Twitter, obviously.
  14. transformations
    Damn, Simon Pegg Is Shredded NowIt’s a major body transformation, Christian Bale style.
  15. icons
    Betty White Personally Thanks Vodka and Hotdogs for Her Long Life“Probably in that order.”
  16. dos and don'ts
    Kristen Stewart Is the Only Acceptable Wedding CrasherYour wedding should be only about you. Unless Kristen Stewart shows up.
  17. oscars 2017
    Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down the Moments Surrounding the Oscars Envelope Controversy“I walk up onstage and all hell is breaking loose, and people are mad and confused.”
  18. roll clip!
    Watch Jimmy Kimmel Bring His Mean Tweets to the Oscars“I think Jeff Bridges wears pants a lot less than we all think he does.”
  19. celebs
    Celebrities React to Obama’s Farewell SpeechKaty Perry, George Takei, Shonda Rhimes, Jesse Williams, and others took to social media.
  20. this is halloween
    See How Celebrities Dressed for 2016 HalloweenOn Halloweekend, they go wild.
  21. an education
    Nikki Reed Is a Lifelong Student Who’s Always in ClassBecause filming doesn’t excuse you from learning new subjects.
  22. real love
    Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth Are Getting Hitched!Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. ShMia LaGoth.
  23. historical landmarks
    RIP, Kitson, Temple of the 2000s FamewhoreA place for paparazzi photos, trucker hats, and Paris Hilton.
  24. gaslighting
    Kim Kardashian Blamed Her Thirsty Instagram Photo on North — You Can, Too!Sure, Kim.
  25. dragged
    Ann Coulter Roasts Raven-Symoné on The View and Almost Makes You Like HerThe drag was too real.
  26. bon no
    Penélope Cruz Crashed the Stage at a U2 ConcertPenélope Cruz is all of us.
  27. we're not worthy
    A Comprehensive Taxonomy of Men With Long Hair And why we like them anyway.
  28. celebrity dispatch
    What’s It Like to Be a Baby at a Runway Show? Better than the womb. Not as good as breast milk.
  29. rumored celeb couples
    Serena Williams and Drake Win (Fake) Couple of the SummerIf the rumors are true.
  30. stars are just like us
    Yes, That’s Really a Celebrity on TinderVerified profiles let us swipe right with confidence.
  31. fade away
    Charlize Theron Gets a Black Belt in Ghosting Poof. Relationship over.
  32. quotables
    Why Don’t More Men Take Their Wives’ Names?Introducing Mrs. and Mr. Zoe Saldana, highly attractive trendsetters!
  33. can't keep up with the kardashians
    The World Can Only Handle One Momager Sorry, Mama Rose: There’s only room for one.
  34. bad moves
    Jake Gyllenhaal Will Take You on the Worst First Date Even his man-bun can’t save this.
  35. we shouldn't be so invested in this
    Mandy Moore’s Breakup Instagram Speaks to All of UsThe basic part of our soul understands, Mandy.
  36. holiday gift guide 2014
    10 Celebrities on Their Favorite Holiday GiftsQuestlove’s beloved wasabi salt, Martha Stewart’s perfect bottle opener, and more A-list-approved finds.
  37. awkward moments in dating
    Amy Poehler Rebounded With John StamosA post-breakup date with Uncle Jesse.
  38. … Meanwhile, We Bring You the News in Beyoncé America’s Royal Couple is still hard at work.
  39. gossip
    When Should We Start Believing the Beyoncé–Jay Z Divorce Rumors? A case study.
  40. jennifer lawrence is a real girl
    Jennifer Lawrence Knows Her Falling Is Annoying to YouShe’s ahead of her own backlash.
  41. dressing down
    The Cult of the Fashion OverallPrincess Diana, Sarah Jessica Parker, Miley Cyrus, and more celebrities who have worn overalls.
  42. tinder hook-ups of the rich and famous
    Celebrities Are Also Using Tinder for Hookups But they get fewer right swipes than civilians.
  43. let's go to paris
    Paris Hilton Might Have Overexaggerated Her D.J. SkillsBut she does own a lot of D.J. gloves.
  44. things you can do naked
    Michelle Rodriguez Meditated in the NudeJust like Buddha.
  45. non-beliebers
    5 Sad Protesters Showed Up for Anti-Bieber Rally [Updated]Welp, maybe time to throw in the towel?
  46. kimye getting married
    Kim and Kanye’s Engagement Could Soon Be YoursMaking your Kanye-ego-sized dreams a reality.
  47. fame
    See: All the Celebrities Who Showed Up at Fashion Week Gwyneth Paltrow! Lupita Nyong’o! Tracy Morgan?
  48. red carpet looks
    Lorde Cites Zombies Among Influences for Grammy DressAlso, sea monsters and bears.
  49. 22 day vegan challenge
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Drowned Their Veganism With Lobster RisottoBring on the meaty New Year!
  50. keeping up with the kimye
    Kim and Kourtney Go Skiing in UtahAlong with a “figure thought to be Kanye West.”
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