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  1. global tech
    The Pirate Cell Towers of Rural MexicoA small nonprofit is fighting Mexico’s big telecom companies and providing low-cost cell-phone service to the country’s indigenous groups.
  2. The Supreme Court’s Cell-Phone-Tracking Case Has High StakesWill the Court allow the government to erect a digital panopticon?
  3. What Happens to the Internet After a Disaster?How New York City is building local networks that will survive the next Sandy.
  4. D.C. Court Rules Against Tracking Cell Phones Without a WarrantThe phone-tracking devices are used by many law-enforcement agencies.
  5. D.C. Prosecutors to Pull Data From 100 Phones Taken Amid Inauguration ArrestsOver 200 people were arrested and charged with felony rioting in January.
  6. True Unlimited Phone Data Plans Are DeadThe days of being able to never worry about bumping up against a data cap on your smartphone are over.
  7. Rest in Peace, the One Spot in the Subway That Gets ReceptionEveryone knew which subway stops on their commute got a signal.
  8. Your Favorite Business, Comcast, Wants to Be Your Cell-Phone Carrier, TooIt’s teaming up with your other favorite business, Verizon.
  9. Why You Should Wait to Check Snapchat Until After You’ve Fenced in the OlympicsIf you’re fencing at the Olympics, your phone can probably wait a few minutes.
  10. Want the Fastest Mobile Internet in the U.S.? Get on T-MobileA few years ago T-Mobile was struggling to stay relevant. Now it’s the fastest mobile carrier in the U.S.
  11. please stop freaking out everybody
    For the Love of God, Chill Out About That New Study on Cell Phones and CancerOr: Science isn’t a buffet.
  12. Budget Phones You Won’t RegretYou’re paying too much for your phone! Let us help.
  13. cultural phenomenons
    Area Dad Angry About Your Phone’s Data UsageThe angry text about going over your data limit: a cultural phenomenon. 
  14. cell phones
    Berkeley’s Cell-Phone Warning Highlights the Limits of the ‘Right to Know’“It’s hard to say people have the right to information that is false.”
  15. studies
    Your Cell Phone Is Distracting You Even If You’re Trying to Ignore ItAny kind of noise from your phone is enough to divert your attention, a study claims.
  16. learning
    The Downside of Allowing Cell Phones in SchoolsAllowing cell phones in classrooms could lead to a big dip in academic performance, particularly for students who already struggle.
  17. distraction
    Your Phone Is Distracting You Even When You’re Not Using ItPut it away. 
  18. President Obama Is One of Two Americans Still Using a BlackBerryThe other person is perhaps equally important.
  19. Please Hold
    This Restaurant Gives a Discount for Putting Your Cell Phone in a BoxIt’s the owner’s humanitarian response to “a decline in conversation among customers.”
  20. Here, Hold This Fake Smartphone and Calm Down About the New iPhonesThough you’ll want to opt for the selfie upgrade. 
  21. Are Our Phones Making Us Less Empathetic?One researcher thinks so.
  22. relationships
    4 Ways Technology Is Your Relationship’s Third WheelCan’t live with it. Can’t live without it.
  23. The Chain Gang
    Applebee’s Wants to Ban Phones on TuesdaysAnd still somehow install 100,00 tablets at tables.
  24. The Supreme Court Describes Cell-Phone ObsessionThe Court ruled unanimously that cell-phone searches require warrants.
  25. charts
    3 Slightly Disturbing Figures That Reveal How Attached You Are to Your PhoneYour phone has you on an incredibly short leash. 
  26. fun with cell phones
    Chill Your Fertility-Panic About Cell Phones in PocketsConclusion: No one knows anything, ever. 
  27. Free Cash Can’t Even Distract Us From Our PhonesA new study highlights the things our cell phones cause us to miss. 
  28. It’s Now Possible to Text 911In some places, anyway.
  29. Scalia, Roberts Think Having Two Cell Phones Is Very Strange, SuspiciousThe Supreme Court continues its streak of not knowing much about technology.
  30. Man Survives Terrible Judgment Call [Updated]He went after his cell phone on the subway tracks.
  31. girl talk
    The Great Digital BFF RenaissanceGroup text messages are slumber parties for adults.
  32. The NSA Can Read Everything on Your Cell PhoneThey’re also 1984 fans.
  33. modern afflictions
    Nomophobia, Fear of Losing Access to Mobile Phone54 percent report suffering from it.
  34. very minor traumas
    The Unique Terror of Hearing Your Phone Alarm As Someone Else’s RingtoneDiagnosing PASD, Phone Alarm Stress Disorder.
  35. Seriously, Do Not Risk Your Life to Retrieve Your Cell PhoneA woman had to be pulled from the East River Saturday morning.
  36. Another Tragic Reminder for NYC Pedestrians to Stay AlertA Bensonhurst woman was killed crossing the street Saturday night.
  37. Chuck Schumer Accurately Describes Experience of Owning a Cell PhoneA ticking time-bomb, ready to explode.”
  38. Newt Gingrich Thinks We Should Call Cell Phones ... Something Else For unclear reasons.
  39. People Pretty Much Ignoring the FAA’s Cell Phone RuleSome 30 percent don’t power down while flying.
  40. sextiquette
    What Should You Do When a Cell Phone Rings During Sex?Plus videos of people using phones during sex.
  41. At Least Sprint Asks Before Giving Police Your Call LogsOther carriers just get subpoenas directly from NYPD.
  42. ringtones
    Hear Classic Ringtones Played by an OrchestraNow we miss our Nokia!
  43. Phone-play
    ‘Down on All Petit Fours’And other dirty-foodie things to sext when you’re tipsy tonight.
  44. Who Talks on the Phone Anymore?This fired city employee, for one.
  45. New York Sends Message With 119,000 Tickets for Distracted DriversNearly 73,000 tickets have been doled out in New York City.
  46. Woman More Interested in Her Phone Than ObamaIt didn’t happen if there aren’t pictures, after all.
  47. Facebook Phone in the Works Is Code-Named ‘Buffy’As in, the vampire slayer.
  48. Government Employees Will Be Forced to Use BlackBerrys ForeverIt’ll seem that way, at least.
  49. Second Phase of Subway Cell Service Coming SoonThirty-one more platforms will be wired by the end of the year.
  50. Cell-Phone Service Coming to Six Subway Stations Next WeekGet ready to overhear everyone, even underground.
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