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  1. friday night movie club
    When Life Gets Grim, Watch Center StageBetter yet, watch the iconic, 20-year-old dance movie, now streaming on Netflix, with Vulture this Friday night.
  2. dance the sh*t out of it
    An Oral History of Center StageHow 24 pairs of leather pants, a tearaway tutu, and red pointe shoes made for a generation’s greatest dance movie.
  3. F&B Stars: How Male Dancers Are Stereotyped“A lot of us share stories of being harassed or teased growing up — there’s a certain deep camaraderie that’s formed through that shared struggle.”
  4. vulture lists
    24 Dance Movies, Ranked by DancinessAs opposed to “quality.”
  5. jets
    The Rex Ryan Book Tour, Now With Toe QuestionsMichael Kay goes there.