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  1. come on dudes
    Reminder: The Tech World Still Doesn’t Care About WomenA sex toy designed for women by women was stripped of an award at CES after it was deemed “indecent.”
  2. dystopia
    Party During Tech Expo Features Robot StrippersCES seems to be going great so far.
  3. select all
    Ajit Pai Cancels CES Appearance After Death ThreatsThe FCC chair won’t be heading to Las Vegas next week.
  4. select all
    PC Laptops Are Interesting (and Competitive) AgainApple, once the high-water mark for laptop design, has stumbled as of late, and hot on its heels is an army of new PC laptops.
  5. select all
    Judging by CES, Here’s What the Future of TVs Is Gonna Look LikeWhat’s on display at CES gives you a sense of what the next few years in TVs have in store for consumers.
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    7 New Smart Objects That Are Probably Too SmartConnect all the things. Why not?
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    Your Questions About the Consumer Electronics Show, AnsweredWhat is a CES? How is a CES? Why is a CES? All those questions answered, plus more.
  8. select all
    U.S. Marshals Raid Hoverboard Vendor at CESAn American company claims a Chinese one was selling knockoffs.
  9. apologies
    VW CEO Says He Is Close to an Emissions Fix; EPA Immediately DissentsHe then showed off an emissions-free car.
  10. now and forever streaming
    Study Shows Millennials Want Netflix, Not Cable, DuhYou knew this, but now it’s science. 
  11. cell phone wars
    T-Mobile CEO Trolls AT&T PartyOr maybe he really just crashed it in an effort to see Macklemore.
  12. meltdowns
    Michael Bay Freaked Out During a CES Press Conference [UPDATE]He walked offstage after a teleprompter malfunction.
  13. clickables
    See a Confused Oliver Stone Attempt the DougieAt CES, of all places.
  14. to the future!
    Home 3-D, Cable-Free TVs, and Magical Ovens: Vulture Tours the 2011 Consumer Electronics ShowVegas is now the home of every iPad wannabe known to man.