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Chad White

  1. daily male
    Male Model: ‘Friday Night Is My Binge Night’“But then I always feel bad the next day.”
  2. hot men
    Here Are Some New Photos of Chad White in a Fabulous ApartmentThe view is quite breathtaking.
  3. tube junkie
    NBC’s Bold Q1 Strategy: ‘Two Hours of Ann Curry Followed by Two Hours of Donald Trump’In her latest ‘WaPo’ column, Lisa de Moraes makes Nikki Finke look like Mother Teresa.
  4. model tracker
    Meet the New Girl: Anne VyalitsynaShe’s the season’s new comeback queen, having switched from ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover girl to high-end runway bookings.
  5. kiddie chic
    Designer Childrenswear Proliferates, Economy Be DamnedA flurry of designer kidswear is about to hit the market. We blame Suri Cruise.
  6. charitable contributions
    Bono’s Charity Single Not Guaranteed to Feed the WorldIn his ongoing quest to save the world, Bono’s rounding up world musicians to record a charity single.
  7. Mediavore
    Tisserie Moves Uptown; Sherry on the RisePlus: the bikini-clad resurrection of Deno’s Party House, and onion goggles, all in our morning news roundup.
  8. tube junkie
    ‘United States of Tara’ Streams Online; Live-Tweeting ImminentCan’t get enough of Diablo Cody’s personal Twitter? Then you’re going to love her live-tweeting her own show.
  9. skirting the issue
    It’s Official: Man Skirts Have Reached the Mainstream, or At Least Dear AbbyA ‘Dear Abby’ reader is ridiculed by his family for wearing man skirts. We say, none of that!
  10. early and often
    Times Has to Awkwardly Acknowledge What It Was Trying to Say in McCain-Iseman StoryThis is just like that time in junior high when you got in trouble for passing along some gossip someone ELSE said, which wasn’t even your fault.
  11. these people are still kicking around?
    Rita Cosby Inadvertently Fights for Gay ProgressShe says she can’t have defamed Howard K. Stern by saying he had gay sex, because there’s nothing wrong with being gay!
  12. industry
    Michael Pitt to Pick Up Steve Buscemi’s Dry CleaningPlus: Andrew Lloyd Weber satisfies your mom’s wildest desires, and ‘The Terminator’ gets the respect it’s due.
  13. early and often
    Kevin Sheekey SquashedBloomberg’s political henchman was making too much of a ruckus on behalf of Caroline Kennedy.
  14. fashion calendar
    Events and Sales: 70 Percent Off Julie Haus; 90 Percent Off FurAlso, get a free makeup application with Lancôme purchase and more deals on last-minute party dresses.
  15. model tracker
    Chad White Digs ‘Vogue,’ Is Kinda Like ZoolanderWhat did fashion insiders think of the ‘Vogue’ shape issue? We got the chance to find out when we scored top male model Chad White’s digits the other day…