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  1. how i get it done day
    Two Women on How to Be Better at ChangeSome wisdom from literary stars A.M. Homes and Lisa Lucas.
  2. let’s makeup
    Watch This Billion-Dollar Beauty CEO Call for an End to ‘Unattainable’ ImagesHer viral speech has more than 11,000 Facebook likes.
  3. linguistics
    Why So Many Words Are Really ‘Obsolete Expressions’It’ll really spur your thinking.
  4. The Trump Coalition Won’t Be Easy to Put Back Together in the FutureHis supporters wanted short-term change and opposed long-term change. That gets hard to replicate.
  5. Instagram’s Dreaded Algorithmic Feed Is Here (and You’re Not Going to Notice)Now you’ll see more of what you like and less of what you don’t.
  6. change?
    How New York Is Cracking Down on Nail SalonsNail salons must now inform workers of their rights. 
  7. Change
    JBFA Makes Some Changes, Starting With Puerto RicoHola, chefs.
  8. Change
    Wylie Dufresne Has Dissolved the Entire wd~50 MenuSo long, cocoa-dusted anchovies.
  9. Change
    Sam Talbot Quits Imperial No. Nine, New Chef Already in PlaceNo tears at the Mondrian.
  10. Change
    Ruby’s Bar & Grill Says Official Good-bye to Coney IslandWe knew it was coming, but it’s still a bummer.
  11. Change
    Flatiron’s Cupcake Cafe Is Now Alice’s Tea CupFrom frosting cupcakes to steeping tea.
  12. change?
    New York Fashion Week’s Runways Were More Diverse This SeasonOnly slightly, though.
  13. change?
    LVMH Pledges to Hire More Women in Senior Executive PositionsThey’ve announced a 40 percent female quota for all their corporate boards by 2020.
  14. change?
    Brazilians Lobby for a Quota of 20 Percent Black Models at São Paulo Fashion WeekThe country’s population is over 50 percent black, after all.
  15. change?
    British Vogue Can’t Tell Asian Models Apart, ApparentlyWell, that’s awkward.
  16. change?
    Asian Models on the Rise in 2011?All signs point to “soon.”
  17. change?
    Italian Vogue’s Latest All-Black Spread: ‘The Black Allure’Are these all-one-race spreads gimmicks or a sign of diversity in the industry?
  18. change?
    Louis Vuitton’s Spring Menswear Campaign Features Its First Asian FaceTaiwanese actor/model Godfrey Gao is Louis Vuitton’s first Asian face.
  19. change?
    Vogue: Asian Models Are ‘Redefining Traditional Concepts of Beauty’The magazine shot a slew of hot Asian faces for the next issue, after having hardly featured them over the past years.
  20. Italian Market
    The Ninth Street Sweep: Change in the Italian MarketWhat will happen to the quirky, colorful Italian Market?
  21. change?
    So What’s in the Financial Regulation Bill?And what still needs to be figured out?