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  1. changes
    Joe Biden Has Already Removed Trump’s Oval Office Diet Coke ButtonPlenty of changes at the White House.
  2. grammys 2021
    Justin Bieber Would Like the Grammys to Recognize Him As an R&B ArtistThe Recording Academy’s interim president responded to Bieber’s criticisms in an interview.
  3. ch-ch-changes
    Jenna Lyons Is Back And she hopes you still like her.
  4. vision 2020
    Biden the BridgeThe Democratic National Convention showcases a party in transition.
  5. changes
    Food Media Must Work Harder to Fix Its Racism ProblemIt’s not enough to apologize.
  6. album review
    Tame Impala and Justin Bieber Return 5 Years Later Changed MenThe Slow Rush and Changes are dispatches about married life, each from different vantage points.
  7. the art of lyricism
    All the Horny, Sappy, and God-Fearing Lyrics on Justin Bieber’s ChangesThe Biebs only has two moods: in love and in love with God.
  8. the last 5 years
    Justin Bieber’s Long-Awaited 5th Album, Changes, Has Finally ArrivedHappy Valentine’s Day, Hailey!
  9. the jukebox
    Ariana Grande Recorded Alternate ‘Thank U, Next’ If She Married Pete DavidsonThank u, advanced planning.
  10. new mom
    100 Women on the Wildest Ways Pregnancy Changed Their BodiesBecause there isn’t a lot of good research tracking these changes.
  11. changes
    Now Longtime Editor Cindi Leive Is Leaving GlamourShe is the fourth editor to depart a major magazine in the last week.
  12. no going back
    Orange Juice Sales Are PlummetingDespite industry efforts, people just aren’t drinking it anymore.
  13. Changes
    Cómodo’s New Menu Includes This Awesome Poblano-Pepper CarbonaraAs well as pork-belly arepas and salmon ceviche.
  14. Changes
    Franny’s Owners Will Sell Their Brooklyn Bar and Grill, Rose’sThe buyers, however, are the current managers — and they plan to keep things more or less the same.
  15. revolving door
    Lanvin’s New Designer Is Bouchra JarrarThe rumors were true.
  16. Changes
    John Travolta Isn’t Feeling the Four Seasons Reboot“I’m so disappointed that it’s changing.”
  17. Is Adam Levine’s Bald Head a Sign He’s Given Up?“Well, Sinead O’Rebellion!”
  18. Changes
    Atlantic Avenue’s Last Longshoremen Bar May Not Be Long for This WorldMontero’s owner has joined with other property owners to try and sell their buildings as a package.
  19. Executive Decisions
    Umami Restaurant Group Names Adam Fleischman’s ReplacementThe group will bring fried chicken and pizza to NYC next.
  20. changes
    Medicare Will Likely Start Covering Sex-Change OperationsAn official review board found that the procedure is often medically necessary.
  21. announcements
    New York Magazine Will Publish Biweekly in 2014Changes.
  22. changes
    Times, AP Decide to Refer to Manning As ‘She’It took them four days to honor her request.
  23. changes
    Bradley Manning’s Long, Painful Road to Coming Out As TransgenderThe leaker will now be known as Chelsea.
  24. Changes
    The Smile Team Takes Ruschmeyer’s in MontaukChanges on the East End.
  25. Changes
    Vera Likes Mondays, Suckling Pig Sundays at Mercat, LM Kids Menu & MoreStuff is happening all over.
  26. cable-stained wretches
    Ed Schultz Loses Weeknight Slot, As Predicted; Chris Hayes Moves Up [Updated]The host says he asked to go to weekends.
  27. flew the coop
    Barneys Rebranding Co-ops As Regular BarneysOnly ten remain.
  28. Chef Shuffle
    Emma Hearst Has Left the Kitchen at SorellaThe chef has been replaced by Molly Nickerson, Sorella’s opening sous-chef.
  29. ‘Up All Night’ Appears to Be Canceling The Ava ShowUp All Night had some major issues last season and none were bigger than how it felt like two completely separate shows glued together. There […]
  30. changes
    Gossip Girl Showrunner Is Taking Over SmashNo, not Josh Schwartz: It’s Josh Safran who’s leaving.
  31. changes
    The Hair-Whipping Era Is Officially OverWillow cut her hair.
  32. changes
    Maya Rudolph Will Have a Bigger Part on Up All NightNBC rejiggers the plot of the Will Arnett–Christina Applegate sitcom to give Rudolph a better showcase.
  33. fi-cri fallout
    Financial Crisis Leads To Transformative Experience for Lehman QuantLehman Brothers trader Adam Garrett has become anime director Guy Orlebar.
  34. change?
    So What’s in the Financial Regulation Bill?And what still needs to be figured out?
  35. checking in on voles
    British Water Voles Acting UnusualScientists have found evidence that the adorable furry creatures may be turning carnivorous.
  36. changes
    The Nets Are All New, Say the NetsThe Nets are different soon, don’t you know.
  37. changes
    Dow Jones Nears Deal to Sell ‘the Dow’Wow.
  38. changes
    Times Gets a New ’BaggerMelena Ryzik will take over for David Carr.
  39. changes
    Is Wes Anderson Changing the Ending of Fantastic Mr. Fox?According to someone who saw it yesterday, Anderson’s ending is different from Roald Dahl’s.
  40. changes
    Santogold Doesn’t Want to Talk About SantigoldThe singer’s name change remains mysterious.
  41. changes
    There’s No ‘I’ in SantogoldFor reasons unclear, Santogold has changed her name.
  42. changes
    Nic Harcourt Throws In ‘Eclectic’ TowelKCRW’s famous music director is stepping down.
  43. changes
    ‘Knight Rider’ Gets a Post-Election Makeover’We’re moving away from the terrorist-of-the-week formula,’ says executive producer Gary Scott Thompson.