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  1. chaos
    20 Years Later, Eminem Is Still Cloning HimselfThe rapper hunts himself down in the “Godzilla” music video.
  2. chaos
    YouTuber Psychodrama Reaches Dark New DepthsLogan Paul has now released a vlog called “Dating My Brother’s Ex-Wife…”
  3. donald trump
    What If Trump Supporters Love Chaos as Much as He Does?There’s new evidence that a significant number of Trump supporters love the man precisely for his destructive, nihilistic, and mendacious ways.
  4. First Poll on Graham-Cassidy Shows It’s Unpopular, and the Worst Is Yet to ComeThe last-gasp GOP health-care bill is already unpopular, but just wait until the public learns about its real impact and the chaos it will unleash.
  5. chaos
    When Vanity Fair Asked Carson Daly About Christina Aguilera’s OrgasmsWe warn you, this is worse than what you’re imagining.
  6. Events
    Leopold Partners With Homebrew Club For Beer Dinner March 26Homebrew club participates in Leopold beer dinner March 26.
  7. beasts
    Onslaught of Wild Texas Hogs ‘Can Do More Damage Than a Bulldozer’Be afraid. In certain Texas suburbs, feral pigs outnumber people.
  8. chaos
    CBS Picks Up ‘Presumed Dead’ Brett Ratner Pilot For Midseason’Chaos’ lives.
  9. albany coup
    Showdown at the Senate ChamberThe GOP takeover of the Senate chamber is imminent, and it looks like there will be trouble.
  10. Chaos
    Archipelago and Haven: Are You on the List?On opening night, a guest list is only as good as the assistant who has to flip through it.