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  1. terrorism
    White Deputy’s Son Arrested for Black Church Arsons in LouisianaArsons and bombings that target black churches are deeply woven into U.S. history.
  2. vmas 2017
    Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer’s Mother Honored Her Daughter at the VMAs“Only 15 days ago, my daughter Heather was killed as she protested racism.”
  3. crime scene
    A Fired Dishwasher Killed the Chef at a Charleston RestaurantThe suspect was shot by police, but reportedly no other individuals were harmed.
  4. Dylann Roof Is Found Guilty of Federal Hate Crimes in Charleston MassacreThe jury will now have to decide if he faces life in prison without parole, or the death penalty.
  5. fire damage
    A Fire Broke Out at Sean Brock’s Husk in NashvilleHe has closed the restaurant indefinitely.
  6. Empire Building
    Sean Brock Expanding Husk in South Carolina and GeorgiaFirst in Greenville this fall, then Savannah in early 2017.
  7. Back At It
    Details on Acclaimed Chef Michael Toscano’s Charleston Restaurant EmergeHe hopes to open Le Farfalle this spring.
  8. Cookbooks
    Sean Brock Is Writing a Cookbook All About HuskThe follow up to Heritage comes out in 2018.
  9. charleston
    Joe Biden Discusses Recent Loss During Surprise Visit to Charleston ChurchHe told the congregation he wanted to “draw some strength from all of you.”
  10. shootings
    Charleston’s Co-habitating Histories Converge, at a Tragic Cost Last week’s shooting united the Holy City. Many are hurt and disappointed it didn’t happen sooner.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    Will Dylann Roof Face Terrorism or Hate-Crime Charges?South Carolina has already charged him with nine counts of murder, but he’s likely to face federal charges as well.
  12. the national interest
    The Confederate-Flag Backlash and the New American PatriotismAs a symbol of hatred falls, a new understanding of American history takes shape.
  13. open letters
    Nas Penned an Open Instagram Letter to America About Its Racial InequalityIn light of the Charleston massacre, the rapper wrote that the country sells a false dream.
  14. shootings
    Victims’ Families Forgive Dylann Roof at HearingBail for the one weapon possession charge was set at $1 million.
  15. charleston
    How the 2016 Presidential Candidates Have Responded to CharlestonWhile the Democrats bring up racism and gun control, the Republicans are talking about evil.
  16. charleston
    Jon Stewart Has No Jokes for Charleston in Last Night’s Stirring Monologue“This is a terrorist attack.”
  17. media
    Why the Charleston Shooter Should Be Called a TerroristJon Stewart and many others argue that avoiding the term minimizes the attack on African-Americans.
  18. shootings
    What We Know About Charleston Gunman Dylann Storm Roof He’s been apprehended after allegedly killing nine members of a historic black congregation on Wednesday night.
  19. How Obama Learned to ‘Politicize’ ShootingsAfter Sandy Hook, he got more forceful about gun violence.
  20. very sad things
    Charleston Victims Include Pastors, GrandparentsThe Charleston County coroner has officially identified the nine murdered churchgoers.
  21. NYPD Increases Protection at Black Churches Following Charleston Shooting“There’s no place in New York City for that kind of hatred.”
  22. charleston
    Here’s a List of Attacks Against Black Churches in the Past 25 YearsThe Charleston shooting is part of a long, sad tradition.
  23. Slideshow
    103 Beautiful Dishes: The Most Visually Exciting Food in America Right NowGrub Street called up the country’s best chefs with one simple directive: Show us the most beautiful thing that’s on your menu right now.
  24. Inside Writer Cator Sparks’s Colorful Charleston Home“It’s where my spirit is happiest.”
  25. The Other Critics
    Alan Richman Comes Around on HuskThe ‘GQ’ critic might not like the Charleston original, but he is absolutely smitten with the Nashville follow-up.
  26. Destination Charleston: 34 Items for a Southern GetawayColorful pieces worthy of a trip to the Lowcountry.
  27. Coming Soon
    Jesse Crawford of Honeychiles’ Working on New RestaurantThere’s hope for those smoked Cheddar hushpuppies yet.
  28. Lawsuits
    Owners of Charleston’s Husk to Pay $1.1M in Drunk-Driving SettlementNeighborhood Dining Group will pay up after a Husk employee is deemed responsible for a fatal accident.