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  1. roll clip!
    Lucas Likens TFA to a ‘Breakup’ [Updated]In an interview with Charlie Rose.
  2. Charlie Rose Tries, and Fails, to Figure Out Larry DavidCharlie Rose sat down with Larry David over the weekend to talk about his Broadway debut in Fish in the Dark, and he attempted to understand […]
  3. John Oliver Reacts to Accusations of Crashing the FCC Website On his new show Last Week Tonight this week, John Oliver encouraged fans to head to the FCC website to complain about cable companies […]
  4. Louis C.K.’s Daughter Really Likes His Hide-and-Seek JokeHere’s a clip from Louis C.K.’s recent interview with Charlie Rose where he explains how he’s changed his standup since he started sharing […]
  5. Watch an Hour-Long Interview with Bill Murray If you like Bill Murray then you’ll love his recent interview with PBS’s Charlie Rose, which is an hour long and spans subjects like Monuments […]
  6. international affairs
    Charlie Rose Interviewed Bashar al-AssadThe Syrian president denied using chemical weapons and said he would retaliate against a U.S. strike.
  7. we were so there
    Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad Exhibit Tour GuideCharlie Rose spilled the beans — one of them, at least.
  8. quotables
    Oscar de la Renta on John Galliano and Huma Abedin“People do deserve a second chance. A third and a fourth? I doubt it.”
  9. bush legacy
    Obama: I’m Not Dick Cheney, and Syria Isn’t IraqThe president defends his policies on Charlie Rose.
  10. spy games
    Obama Speaks on NSA Spying: ‘It Is Transparent’The president defends the agency to Charlie Rose tonight.
  11. galliano
    Galliano’s Atonement: A Complete TimelineAfter last week’s tour of remorse, where does the designer stand?
  12. galliano
    Hear Galliano Apologize Out Loud on Charlie RoseExcerpts from last night’s TV interview.
  13. galliano
    Galliano Will Confess His Sins to Charlie RoseThe interview will be taped this week.
  14. galliano
    Galliano’s Latest Comeback Move: A TV Interview?With Charlie Rose, perhaps.
  15. campaign 2012
    Heilemann on Charlie Rose: Romney Sheds Warmonger Image in DebateSometimes agreeing with Obama isn’t so bad.
  16. campaign cash
    Heilemann: Obama’s Strategy for Draining RomneyHe isn’t quite in it to win it in North Carolina and Florida.
  17. vulture lists
    Which TV-News Personality Has the Most Movie Cameos?Wolf Blitzer makes his big screen debut in The Campaign. Still, he has a long way to go to catch up with some of his colleagues.
  18. george clooney
    Take a Tour of George Clooney’s House (With George Clooney)Real estate porn and Charlie Rose softballing George Clooney? Sign us up!
  19. tv
    Gayle King and Charlie Rose Added to Early ShowGayle King and Charlie Rose are to become part of the made-over Early Show on CBS.
  20. media
    Charlie Rose, Gayle King Joining CBS Early ShowBut will Rose be awake in time?
  21. master debaters
    What You Missed in the Seventh GOP DebateThe best, worst, most awkward, and most inaccurate moments.
  22. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood, and Charlie Rose Skinny Dipped at George Clooney’s MansionPlus: Animal expert Jack Hanna doesn’t actually know much about animals, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  23. video
    John Heilemann on Charlie Rose: What Is the Republican Party Today?“The truth is, none of us know the answer.”
  24. the oracle of omaha
    Watch Warren Buffett Describe the Debt Talks As a Giant Game of Chicken Played by Insane People“Boehner didn’t throw out the steering wheel, but a group behind him said ‘Throw out the steering wheel, Mr. Speaker.’”
  25. video
    John Heilemann on Charlie Rose: Boehner Is ‘the Most Miserable Man in Washington’Boehner is a deal-maker who can’t seem to make a deal.
  26. state of the union
    Heilemann on State of the Union: All Economy, All the TimeEven though we’re still engaged in two big wars.
  27. Empire Building
    Momofuku Plans iPad App, Print Journal, and Possible ExpansionWill Momo Milk Bar expand across the street?
  28. bons mots
    Denial Is Just a River in Egypt to Nancy PelosiShe doesn’t feel like the GOP has the advantage this year.
  29. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google CEO Eric Schmidt Wants to Augment Your HumanityYour humanity gets an upgrade.
  30. late shifting
    Jeff Zucker: I’ve Received Death ThreatsBut everything’s fine at NBC.
  31. ink-stained wretches
    As New Observer Editor Takes His Old Chair, Peter Kaplan Sits Down With Charlie RoseEverything from Jared Kushner’s changes to the ‘Observer’ to the Internet’s assault on print was on the docket, plus Kyle Pope of course.
  32. the ronriest people in the world
    Charlie Rose Is BroodingLike Jennifer Aniston, all he wants is a baby, according to ‘Fortune.’
  33. tarantino
    Will Quentin Tarantino End Slavery Early Too?Tarantino tells Charlie Rose he wants to make a John Brown biopic.
  34. Celebrity Settings
    Desirée Rogers Sucked Into Monkey Bar; Shakira Hits Michael’s YetPlus, more celebrity sightings from the past week.
  35. in this economy
    Nouriel Roubini: ‘I Am Ugly, But I Have a Beautiful Mind’Dr. Doom on girls, the recession, and the secret to throwing an awesome party.
  36. Top Chef
    Dinner With Toby Young: Proof That Top Chef Will Be in Vegas?The new season starts filming next month.
  37. gossipmonger
    Kirsten Dunst Trying Moderation ManagementIf you call vodka sodas till 3:30 a.m. moderation management, that is.
  38. ben silverman
    Ben Silverman Discusses Advertising, Cat Pee on ‘Charlie Rose’Last night NBC wunderkind and Vulture hero Ben Silverman appeared for the very first time on ‘Charlie Rose’ to share some of his exciting opinions.
  39. chat room
    Charlie Rose on Sarah Palin on Charlie RoseWe talked to the popular PBS host about how influential he really thought his interview was with the Alaska governor.
  40. early and often
    Noonan, Scarborough, Carlson Get Intense at HuffPo PanelIn Minneapolis, the talking heads bared their souls on the matter of BlackBerrys, Internet commenters, and whether or not you’re REALLY in the moment.
  41. gossipmonger
    Cindy McCain Betrays BeerThe aspiring First Lady drinks sake at Tao. Plus, Seth Rogen claims ‘Pineapple Express’ isn’t a stoner movie, Bill Clinton has a secret meeting at the Russian Tea Room, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
  42. the best part
    Matthew Weiner Discusses the Second Season of ‘Mad Men’ on ‘Charlie Rose’If you can get past Rose’s traditional inability to ask interesting follow-ups, there’s plenty of great stuff.
  43. NewsFeed
    David Chang Gets a Bit More Media Exposure on ‘Charlie Rose’Facing the truth about Ssäm.
  44. cult of personality
    Video: Charlie Rose Really Wants Marc Jacobs to Talk About HimselfJacobs went on Charlie Rose to talk about ‘Interview,’ but when Rose got bored with that topic, he tried to get Marc to talk about himself.
  45. party lines
    Our Night at the ASMEs: Sportier Than AnticipatedEditors, nerves, competition, and one aggressive former Met mingled at last night’s awards ceremony.
  46. NewsFeed
    Thomas Keller Considers Own LegacyThomas Keller got high-minded on ‘Charlie Rose’ this week.
  47. gossipmonger
    Les and Julie Get His-And-Hers HaircutsThe nude photos of Kristin Davis that surfaced earlier this week were reportedly taken by a chef ex-boyfriend back in the early nineties. CBS’s Les Moonves and wife Julie Chen both got their hair cut together at the Frederick Fekkai salon in Soho. Anderson Cooper joked that he admitted to getting minor skin-cancer surgery under his eye so that people wouldn’t think he got into a fistfight with Charlie Rose.
  48. User’s Guide
    Grub’s Gold: The Best From Year One Ah, how time gets away from us! It was only one year ago that Grub Street began. How we long for those innocent days of yore! We poked through our archives, and, while we had to put a few personal favorites aside, here’s our short list of Grub Street’s Greatest Hits.
  49. intel
    What Does Socialite/Planner Amanda Burden Do On Vacation?If you were a blue-blooded Upper East Side A-lister, glamorous Babe Paley’s daughter and on-the-scene Charlie Rose’s intermittent inamorata, wouldn’t a week in Montserrat seem the proper vacation? For Amanda Burden — who’s all that and also Bloomberg’s planning commissioner — it’s a different story. Turns out Burden was spending her downtime last week in Copenhagen, not so much seeing the sights as trailing new transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and two of her lieutenants as they studied public squares and waterfronts and bike parking, according to spokespeople at the Planning and Transportation Departments. Grants are paying for the trip for Sadik-Khan and her deputies; Burden, a source tells us, is traveling on her own time and nickel. There was no word on whether Charlie had joined her.—Alec Appelbaum
  50. gossipmonger
    Judi, Judi, JudiAmong the skits to be put on by the city’s political journos at the upcoming Inner Circle roast is one featuring Judi Giuliani as a blow-up sex doll. Us Weekly, Star, and other weekly tabloids are upping their negative coverage of Brangelina because they are sick of getting scooped by People. A handful of people are angling for a portion of deceased Dr. Robert Atkins’s $600 million estate. Mike Bloomberg’s 98-year-old mother sometimes pretends she’s not related to him so people don’t ask her to hook their grandkids up with jobs. NBC’s Today show is losing serious ground to ABC’s Good Morning America and even CBS’s Early Show in the ratings game. Charlie Rose and Amanda Burden may not be broken up, despite reports they are. Jay-Z has plans to ink a deal with Champagne label Ace of Spades to replace Cristal as his drink of choice.
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