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    Ted Lasso’s Phil Dunster on the Reeducation of Jamie Tartt“We see him learning the lessons in season one, and we see him try to put them into practice in season two.”
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    Ted Lasso’s Toheeb Jimoh on Sam’s Big Moves in Season Two“I wish I could be like, Ah, I took one for the team. I didn’t. I was kind of like, I’m glad this is me.”
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    Kylie Sonique Love Returned to Drag Race All Stars to Show Her Full Self“There’s nothing better than winning when you’re 100 percent authentic with yourself.”
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    Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed on Watching Nate “Break Down in Real Time”“He’s deeply, deeply frustrated, and he’s taking it out on the people that he feels he can.”
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    Molly Shannon on The Other Two and the Palm Versus Pineapple Suite DebateThe comedy vet discusses playing two very different kinds of moms on TV.
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    Drew Tarver Knows The Other Two Is Inherently a Drama, With Feet JokesThings are looking up for Cary Dubek in season two. Sort of.
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    Trinity K. Bonet Is 🤐 on That Drag Race All Stars Lip-Sync Theory“I wasn’t mad that that wig came off, and that’s all I can say.”
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    Ms. Pat Thinks The Ms. Pat Show Will Be BET+’s Handmaid’s Tale“Nobody paid attention to Hulu until Handmaid’s Tale, baby.”
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    FBoy Island, According to Its Main CharacterSeason one standout CJ Franco came to FBoy Island looking for a good time and left with a whole new outlook on tolerating men’s bullshit.
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    Pablo Larraín Isn’t Trying to Reinvent the Biopic With SpencerThe filmmaker behind Jackie and the trippy dance movie Ema says he couldn’t care less about helping audiences “understand” a character.
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    Heels’ Chris Bauer Knows Wild Bill Is ‘Alive and Well in Me’“This character has set up on an old porch in my heart. He’s sitting there in a rocking chair and drinking from a jug, waiting to pounce again.”
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    The Chair Gave Holland Taylor a Crash Course in Chaucer“I never really got a good handle on it at all. But I am an actress, remember, so.”
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    Simon Helberg Learned to Conduct, Became Legally French for AnnetteThe former Big Bang Theory star even fought Adam Driver and figured out how to operate a puppet for Leos Carax’s movie musical.
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    Murray Bartlett on All the Shit That Goes Down in the White Lotus FinaleLiterally.
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    From Ted Lasso to Downton Abbey, Jeremy Swift Orbits Around ‘Formidable Women’“It probably doesn’t help my career, but I personally love that people don’t recognize me from one thing to another.”
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    Eugenio Derbez Explains Why He Passed on Coda the First Time AroundThe megafamous Mexican actor is a little nervous for his breakout Sundance movie to finally hit theaters.
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    Drag Race All Stars’ Pandora Boxx Had a Snatch Game Plan B, C, and D“Once Kylie said she was doing Dolly, I’m like, Nope.”
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    Cecily Strong Feels Good Whether or Not She Returns to SNL“I would love to go back; I would also love to have that be my end.”
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    Fred Hechinger Lied About Being a Good Swimmer to Get His White Lotus PartThe star of The White Lotus, Fear Street, and The Woman in the Window discusses how he’s handling the sudden spotlight.
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    Drag Race’s Jan Had a ‘Psychologically Intense’ All Stars Run“When it was happening, I was just like, This is insane, but of course it’s happening like this.
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    Physical’s Dierdre Friel Is Totally Willing to Shave Her Head“It’s such an amazing moment for Greta. She is claiming her marriage. She is claiming her own empowerment.”
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    David Harbour on Communism, Dad Bods, and CDC GuidelinesPlus, the Black Widow star teases what’s in store for another prisoner of Russia, Jim Hopper.
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    Juno Temple on Ted Lasso’s ‘Intimidating’ and ‘Insane’ Karaoke Culture“It was almost like being in a musical-theater show,” says the new Emmy nominee.
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    Top Chef Favorite Shota Nakajima Is Ready to Compete Again“It’s just like Dragon Ball Z: You get defeated, you become stronger. You don’t do it to win; you do it for the game.”
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    The Bold Type’s Meghann Fahy on Getting Her Ending Rewritten ‘the Night Before’“I remember getting that phone call and was like, What?! I was truly shocked.”
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    Tyrese Gibson Is Glad He Got Talked Into Going to Space in Fast 9“I had to ask them, were they serious? Then I asked them again.”
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    Titus Welliver on Bosch’s Last Chapter — and Harry Bosch’s Next One“The beauty of the character is that he’s consistent. He stays the same, because he’s a bit of a dinosaur, so he can only evolve so much.”
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    Rita Moreno Talks Bitterness, Anger, and Loving Show Business AnywayAlong the way, the legendary West Side Story actress credits Marlon Brando with getting her into therapy.
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    Evil’s Katja Herbers Is Exploring a Darker Side of Kristen in Season TwoPlus, on Paramount+, she can say “f*ck” now.
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    Blindspotting’s Jasmine Cephas Jones on Holding It Together and Letting It Go“In brainstorming the show, there were a few moments that are, like, The Moment. This was one of them.”
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    Love, Victor’s Bebe Wood on Lake’s Season Two Ups and Downs“She does some really brave stuff, even though she very well knows that her actions might have consequences.”
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    In Starstruck, Rose Matafeo Sets the Course for the Rom-Com’s Evolution“It was really nice to write two characters who were just funny, and a female character or woman who was unashamedly funnier than the guy.”
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    Valentina Steals In the Heights With Just One LineAn interview with the former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant about her big-screen debut.
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    You’re Going to Fall in Love With Undine Star Paula BeerThe German actress chats about her latest collaboration with Christian Petzold, the universality of love, and Hollywood’s siren call.
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    How Paul Walter Hauser Steals Scenes As Cruella’s HenchmanThe actor cut his teeth on Spike Lee and Clint Eastwood films but promises he’s just been “strategic” about choosing already great projects.
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    John Benjamin Hickey on Playing His In Treatment Narcissist“The thing the writers did cleverly is that Colin’s not a stereotypical straight white cis man.”
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    Angourie Rice on That Jaw-Dropping Mare of Easttown FinaleThe actress talks family dynamics with Kate Winslet, fervent fan theories, and the Jean Smartaissance.
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    Girls5Eva’s Renée Elise Goldsberry on How Her Own ’90s Girl Group ‘Fell Apart’“The closest I’ve ever gotten to signing a record deal was from that group. And who knows what would’ve happened.”
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    Army of the Dead’s Dave Bautista Wants to Be a Less ‘Alpha’ Action HeroThe star of the new zombie casino heist talks to us about working with Zack Snyder, digitally replaced costars, and Knives Out 2.
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    Moisés and Mateo Arias Bring Their Brotherly Bond to the Captivating Blast BeatThe actors tell Vulture about putting aside family for the camera, and what it means to be telling an authentically Colombian story at this moment.
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    Scott Foley on Puppies, Plywood, and Pursuing Your Woodworking DreamsThe Ellen’s Next Great Designer host’s advice? “It can’t hurt — unless you die!”
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    If You Hate Laura Benanti’s Younger Character, ‘I’m Doing My Job’And yes, she’s “surprised” Charles fell for Quinn.
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    Joshua Bassett Is All About the DCOM Deep Cuts (Apologies to Zenon)“It came out the year I was born.”
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    The Handmaid’s Tale’s Madeline Brewer Thinks We’ve All Underestimated JanineThe supposedly delicate handmaid’s first flashback reveals the reserve of inner strength that Janine is starting to tap into.
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    Brett Gelman Is Ready to Play a Good VillainThe Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse star says, “I want to stretch myself and do everything that I know I can do.”
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    Rutherford Falls Let Michael Greyeyes Finally Say What He’s Been Wanting to Say“To be able to simply and bluntly speak our truth to power and be unapologetic … when I first read that speech, I practically cried.”
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    Drag Race Winner Symone on What Season 13 Taught Her About PerfectionThe Ebony Enchantress talks shaking off her inner saboteur, her favorite runway looks, and the correct pronunciation of “fec’try.”
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    Drag Race’s Gottmik Feels Like a Winner Anyway“I feel like little Olivia [Lux] saying that. But it’s so true.”
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    Sound of Metal Star (and Oscar Nominee) Paul Raci Would Do This All AgainAt 73, one of Hollywood’s hardest-working actors talks awards recognition and finally being given the chance to step into the spotlight.
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    Younger’s Molly Bernard Had a ‘Noble Duty’ to Fill Diana’s Shoes This Season“I gotta say, I didn’t do any neck training, and I regretted it.”
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