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  1. drake
    Drake May Very Well Have Done ChatrouletteSafe for work!
  2. call me maybe
    Watch a Dude in a Bikini Pull a ‘Call Me Maybe’ Prank on ChatrouletteDon’t count out Carly Rae just yet.
  3. clickables
    See the Sappy But Sweet ‘Chatroulette Love Song’ StuntThis is charming, if also slightly outdated.
  4. oh internet!
    Chatroulette Finally Making Some Money From All Those PenisesHow naked dudes provide the site with $100,000 a month.
  5. clickables
    Watch the ChatRoulette Gremlin Cover Katy Perry’s ‘Peacock’We last saw the smeary-faced pop enthusiast covering Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.”
  6. the future is coming
    A Very Scientific Study of How Many Penises You Will See on Chatroulette 2.0We tried Chatroulette 50 times so you wouldn’t have to.
  7. chatroulette
    Chatroulette Mysteriously Disappears“The experiment #1 is over.”
  8. movies
    See The Last Exorcism’s Freaky ChatRoulette Viral AdsA fake exhibitionist terrorized her unsuspecting appreciators.
  9. chatroulette
    ChatRoulette’s War Against Genitals Has BegunFlashing could land you in jail.
  10. chatroulette
    ChatRoulette Is Putting Up a Fight Against Unsolicited Male GenitaliaAll the nakedness on the site is getting a bit much.
  11. chat room
    Ben Folds on ChatRoulette and Working with Nick HornbyThe musician speaks to us about his concert series, judging a reality-TV show, and his latest collaboration.
  12. Merton, the ChatRoulette Singer, Is BackAnd this time he’s even funnier!
  13. music
    Watch the ChatRoulette Lady Gaga GremlinYou’ve got something on your face.
  14. Ben Folds Salutes His ChatRoulette Look-alikeLucky for us, he put it on the Internet.
  15. Is Ben Folds on ChatRoulette?Some think that “Merton” is actually already famous.
  16. music
    See the ChatRoulette Piano Improv SessionHosted by Merton, the freestyling pianist.
  17. kids these days
    ChatRoulette Creator May Be Coming to America17-year-old has a choice on his hands.
  18. last night on late night
    Late Night: Zach Galifianakis Plays With Your LookPlus Colbert pimps out Hannity on our regular late-night roundup.
  19. chatroulette
    Jon Stewart and Friends Give ChatRoulette a SpinOlbermann: “I think one of us is supposed to take our pants off now.”
  20. the internet always taking you places you didn’t know you wanted to go
    We Went to a ChatRoulette Party Last NightIt was awkward and weird and fun and sexy.
  21. tv
    Lost’s Michael and Walt Are Reunited on ChatRouletteWaaaaaaaallltttt!
  22. music
    Please Enjoy the Ingenious ChatRoulette Music VideoAwesome.
  23. chatroulette
    Introducing ‘Catroulette’It was inevitable.
  24. kids these days
    Anderson: ChatRoulette Founder Exposed — and He Hardly Seems Evil at AllHe says amazing things like, “Bandwidth bills show sums which shock me as a teenager, but I am not very worried.”
  25. chatty cathys
    Michael Cera Is Down With ChatRoulette, TooSomeone over at ONTD spied him on the service over the weekend.
  26. in the magazine
    Roughly One Out of Every Ten Chatters on ChatRoulette.com Is a Naked, Masturbating ManAt least that’s what our Sam Anderson seems to have found.