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  1. vulture sports
    With the Cubs’ Seventh-Inning Stretch, Here’s Bill Murray and a Giant Teddy BearLike you, Bill Murray seems like he’s really missed baseball.
  2. games
    It Might Be Impossible to Be an Ethical Sports FanWhat should we do when good players are bad people?
  3. nacho problem
    Hero Baseball Player Gives Fan New Nachos After Knocking Over His First OrderClassy move, Addison Russell.
  4. Ken Burns Talks of a New Baseball Doc“I’m sort of obligated.”
  5. last night on late night
    Watch Bill Murray Sing a Baseball Song on SNLGo, Cubs, go!
  6. saturday night live
    Chicago Cubs Players Will Be on SNL This WeekendBecause, you know, historic win and stuff.
  7. Here Are Cubs Fans Doing an 18-Foot Trust Fall Off a Statue PedestalThey remain very excited about their team’s victory.
  8. roll clip!
    Watch Hamilton’s Chicago Cast Sing ‘Go Cubs Go’Keeping that hometown pride strong.
  9. These Overzealous Cubs Fans Don’t Look So Dumb NowThe guy who got a “Curse Broken 2016 World Series Champions” Cubs tattoo back in September? Totally vindicated.
  10. Cubs Mastermind Theo Epstein Doesn’t Just Break Curses, He Builds DynastiesThe man who delivered a World Series to the Red Sox, has brought one to the Cubs.
  11. go cubs go
    No One Enjoyed the Cubs World Series Win More Than Bill MurraySpray the Champagne.
  12. hugs on hugs on hugs
    The Chicago Cubs Win the 2016 World Series of HuggingJust look at all those epic, winning hugs!
  13. truth in comedy
    How Parks and Recreation Predicted the Cubs’ World Series WinBy paying attention to baseball!
  14. History Will Be Made in Game 7 of the World SeriesOne long-suffering midwestern fanbase will finally have reason to cheer.
  15. take a load off eddie
    Bill Murray, Eddie Vedder Celebrate Cubs WinThey sang “The Weight.”
  16. roll clip!
    Bill Murray Sings ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’As Daffy Duck, no less.
  17. GOP Oppo Dump: Hillary Clinton Is Not a Real Cubs FanA swing and a miss.
  18. the sports section
    World Series Now Guaranteed to End Pain for at Least One Long-Suffering Fan BaseThe two baseball teams with the longest active championship droughts will battle for deliverance starting Tuesday.
  19. bill murray sightings
    Bill Murray Stops by White House Press BriefingWhy not?
  20. 10 Revelations From the Post’s Trump InterviewIn an interview with the paper’s editorial board, Trump unveiled his foreign-policy team, his views on nuclear weapons, and his glove size.
  21. the sports section
    The Mets Win the Pennant!They finished off a convincing sweep of the Cubs to advance to the World Series for the fifth time in franchise history.
  22. the sports section
    The Mets Are One Win From the World SeriesThis is happening, Mets fans.
  23. the sports section
    Daniel Murphy, Great Starting Pitching Fuel Mets Victory (Again)The Mets go up 2-0 on the Cubs in the NLCS.
  24. the sports section
    Matt Harvey Throws a Gem As the Mets Win Game 1They opened the NLCS in impressive fashion.
  25. the sports section
    10 Things to Know About the Mets-Cubs NLCSThe series begins on Saturday night at Citi Field.
  26. the sports section
    The Chicago Cubs Clinch a Postseason Series at Wrigley Field for the First TimeIt’s their first trip to the NLCS since 2003.
  27. encounter
    Talking to Chicago Cubs Co-owner Laura RickettsThe LGBT activist loves her family a lot.
  28. Hot Dog!
    Veggie Dogs Coming To Wrigley; Gozer To Roast Many ZuulsFrom the what-have-we-become-as-a-people desk.
  29. mets
    Ike Davis Got Real Angry Last NightIke Davis SMASH.
  30. bons mots
    Sassy Nancy Pelosi One-liner of the DaySorry, Cubs fans. 
  31. baseball hall of fame
    Ron Santo Elected to the Hall of FameIt’s bittersweet news, however.
  32. yankees
    The Yankees Leave Wrigley With a Series WinThey take the rubber game against the Cubs.
  33. mets
    It Was R.A. Dickey’s Turn to Get Hurt Last NightHe left the clubhouse on crutches.
  34. Deals
    Score $1 Hot Dogs and $3 Beer At Wrigley FieldThis might help convince you to get to the ballpark.
  35. billboards
    Even Other Baseball Teams Are Using Derek Jeter in Their Ads NowThe Yankees shortstop is featured prominently on a billboard advertising the on-sale date for Cubs tickets.
  36. yankees
    Report: Girardi Not Likely to Leave for the Cubs JobSo says the Chicago ‘Tribune.’
  37. mets
    Mets Lose Their Only Real DrawJohan Santana leaves a Mets win early.
  38. counterpoint
    Actually, Joe Girardi to the Cubs DOESN’T Make a Lot of SenseHe’s got no reason to go anywhere else.
  39. yankees
    You Know, Joe Girardi to the Cubs DOES Make a Lot of SenseThe Chicago Cubs job makes a lot of sense for Joe Girardi.
  40. mets
    Mets Run Into the Unstoppable Force That Is Carlos SilvaThe Mets’ winning “streak” ends.
  41. User’s Guide
    What to Eat This Season at Wrigley FieldBison and jambalaya are just some of the new offerings.
  42. Mediavore
    City Moves to Ban Styrofoam; The Cubs Get Their Own DogPlus: restaurant workers lack benefits, and an iconic Houston restaurant reopens, all in our morning news roundup.
  43. guest essay
    A Cubs Boy, in the Shadow of the YankeesAuthor Eric Klinenberg writes about the problem with raising a Cubs kid in a Yankees town.
  44. Local News
    Cubs Fan Goes on a Hunger Strike500 calories a day until the Cubs win five games in a row? Have a nice diet.
  45. the sports section
    What the Cubs Sale Suggests About the YankeesShould the Yankees expect similar troubles?
  46. ink-stained wretches
    Tribune Bankruptcy OfficialBut the press release ends on a high note!
  47. the sports section
    The Mets Bring the Pain — to Their FansWhat they put their already-tortured fans through last night was practically against the laws of nature.
  48. the sports section
    Getting Washed by the Sports-News Spin Cycle When my editors and I were finishing up last week’s story about Alex Rodriguez’s (and agent Scott Boras’s) hold on Yankees Nation, our main concern was whether we spelled “vituperate” correctly (we had) and whether anyone had taken a photo of Yankees COO Lonn Trost in the last ten years (apparently not). The piece was meant to capture a unique snapshot in the history of a team that has owned this town for a decade, a once-dictatorial enterprise facing a pivotal moment and held hostage by the best baseball player on the planet and his evil-genius agent. I didn’t expect much fuss. But when the Post printed an excerpt from the story in its Sunday editions about discussions Boras had with a group trying to buy the Chicago Cubs, saying Boras had talked about A-Rod potentially owning a piece of the team after his career ended, I was sucked into the all-too-familiar sports-news-cycle vortex.