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Children's Health Insurance Program

  1. After Blowing Up the Deficit, House Passes Mostly Phony Spending CutsThis “spending clawback” bill involves the budgetary equivalent of sofa-cushion money.
  2. Congress Will Not Renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program This YearRepublicans will jeopardize 9 million American kids’ access to medical care because they’re worried about adding $13 billion to the deficit.
  3. last night on late night
    Baby Billy Kimmel Joins Father Jimmy to Discuss Children’s Health-Care CrisisThe host, who was off last week for Billy’s heart surgery, wants Congress to renew a program that covers 9 million kids.
  4. The GOP Has Officially Engineered a Children’s Health-Care CrisisStates are now sending out letters informing low-income families that the Children’s Health Insurance Program might not exist next year.