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  1. flip or flop
    Actually, Chris Carter Says He Would Make More X-Files — Even Without ScullyThe show’s creator previously said it couldn’t go on for him without Mulder and Scully.
  2. the x-files
    X-Files Creator Won’t Make Another Season Without Gillian Anderson“That’s not my X-Files.”
  3. overnights
    The X-Files Season-Premiere Recap: Mind If I Smoke?“My Struggle III” injects a glorious insanity into the essential questions of The X-Files.
  4. The X-Files Is Sublime in Season 11If you’re a fan of this show, you’ll find a lot to enjoy.
  5. close reads
    In Defense of Chris Carter’s Latest Season of The X-FilesSeason ten had its flaws, but after revisiting all six episodes, I believe it’s the virtues that will resonate over time.
  6. Chris Carter Says More X-Files Headed Your WayGreat news if you want to believe!
  7. Millennium Is the Angel to The X-Files’s BuffyIt’s time to talk about Chris Carter’s other apocalyptic series.
  8. fantasies
    What Awards Season Would Look Like If Hollywood Were Run by WomenAccording to insiders on the red carpet.
  9. trust no one
    Chris Carter Thought FBI Would Cancel X-FilesHe doesn’t say whether his source was ever heard from again.
  10. the truth is here
    A Timeline of the Mythology of The X-FilesIt begins in 35,000 BC, with some black oil …
  11. the x-files
    What It’s Like to Watch The X-Files All Day With Kumail NanjianiKumail Nanjiani hosted an X-Files marathon and talked to Chris Carter about why there probably won’t be a third X-Files film.
  12. the truth
    Chris Carter Is Still Searching for the TruthAmerican paranoia has only increased since the last time The X-Files was on the air. 
  13. the x-files
    Chris Carter Wrote a Third X-Files MovieBut will it ever see the light of day?
  14. last night on late night
    Mulder, Scully Have Passionate Reunion on KimmelK-I-S-S-I-N-G alert.
  15. behind the scenes
    Enjoy This X-Files Behind-the-scenes Preview“We want to satisfy the mythology of it.”
  16. ew fest
    Don’t Call The X-Files’s Return a ‘Reboot’Plus, Carter debunks the rumor (set forth by David Duchovny) that Mulder and Scully married.
  17. the x-files
    Here Are The X-Files’ New Opening CreditsYou might recognize them.
  18. on set photos
    Are Mulder & Scully Kissing in These Set Photos?Plus: Joel McHale!
  19. reboot camp
    Fox Is in Talks to Bring Back The X FilesHope is out there.
  20. streaming tv
    Amazon Cancels Series From The X-Files Creator Before It Even StartsThe After isn’t happening.
  21. chat room
    Chris Carter on His New Projects and The X-Files“Hold on a second. [Looks at phone] I just got a text message from David Duchovny.”
  22. the after
    X-Files Creator Chris Carter Returns With The AfterFor Amazon.
  23. first impressions
    Seitz on Amazon Drama Pilots Bosch and The AfterThe X-Files creator’s return is entirely welcome. Also: a decent cop show based on Michael Connelly’s beloved cop. 
  24. now streaming
    You Can Now Stream 10 New Amazon Pilots Including Chris Carter’s The After, Jill Soloway’s Transparent, and Mozart in the Jungle with Gael García Bernal.
  25. the vulture transcript
    Chris Carter on 20 Years of The X-FilesIn this wide-ranging interview, the creator of The X-Files relives the early days of Fox’s game-changing drama and discusses what’s come after.
  26. The X-Files’ Chris Carter Is Developing a Mysterious New Show for AMCIt’s based on a book and “it also owes to The X-Files.”
  27. anniversaries
    20 Years Later: Milch, Moby, and More on 1993Plus Michael Ian Black on The State, Chris Carter on The X Files, and Liz Phair on Exile in Guyville.
  28. i want to believe
    Chris Carter Is Working on a New Sci-Fi ShowAbout a mysterious event.
  29. tv
    X-Files Creator Chris Carter Has a New ShowIt’s a supernatural cop show. Spooky!
  30. good-bye farewell and amen
    Lost Finale Advice from Famous Finale WritersThe tales behind their own classic wrap-ups, and some words of advice and caution.
  31. mets
    Mets Unleash the Animal!The Mets pull out a fun one.
  32. mets
    More New Faces for the Mets, Including ‘the Animal’The Mets call two more new guys up.
  33. chat room
    Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz on ‘The X-Files: I Want to Believe’ and Giving J.J. Abrams a WedgieThe screenwriters for ‘X-Files 2’ talk to Vulture about the movie and why it’s hard to run a good disinformation campaign these days.
  34. the industry
    Nicolas Cage Is ‘Ghost Rider’ ‘Ghost’ WriterPlus: Tricia Helfer gets a new series, and Chris Carter’s already working on a new movie.
  35. in other news
    Spin-Class Shouter Will Not Be SilencedStuart Sugarman continues his fight against “spin rage.”
  36. in other news
    Spinning Vigilante Victorious!The people have spoken, and what they said was, “Go fuck yourself.”
  37. in other news
    Spinning Classmates Face the Wheels of JusticeBroker Christopher Carter and hedge-fund manager Stuart Sugarman got into a fight at the gym. Today, they fight in court!
  38. the industry
    Edward Norton to Star in ‘Leaves of Grass’ — Really!Plus industry news on Angelina Jolie, Samuel L. Jackson, and Snake Eyes.
  39. the industry
    Joss Whedon Returns to TV — and Brings Faith With HimPlus industry news on Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, Meryl Streep and Julia Child, and Mulder and Scully.
  40. white men with money
    Has Every Wall Streeter Gone Insane? A Graphical Guide.Maybe it’s hubris brought on by the second Gilded Age, but 2007 may well go down as the Year the Wall Streeters Lost It. Just in time to coincide with our Money Issue, we’ve assembled a handy graphical breakdown of financial-worker malfeasance, from Albert Hsu entrapping an ex-mistress in a simulated rape-kidnapping to John Fitzgerald just plain having a monstrous ego. Spooky! —Dan Amira